Tippin’ my Scales…

Even for me it is sometimes hard… my mind wants one thing but my stomach [read: body] can’t have it. Just to remind me how I did over the last few months, or years, I will record my weight, how much I’ve lost but also how much I’ve gained.

You do know which is the hardest time to lose weight? It’s between New Year and Christmas!

2015-12-24  142.0 kg BMI 35.5

2015-04-14  143.0 kg BMI 35.8 Let’s hope this is the start of a downward spiral.

2014-09-29  146.0 kg BMI 36.5 (yuck!)

2014-05-06  140.0 kg BMI 35.0

2013-12-16  145.0 kg BMI 36.3

2013-08-08  147.5 kg BMI 36.9

2013-07-09 YES!!! 149.9 kg BMI 37.5 and this time not dehydrated!

2013-05-09 158.0 kg BMI 39.5

2013-05-01 160.0 kg BMI 40.0

2013-03-13 165.8 kg BMI 41.5 on my home scales.

2013-01-29 169.5 kg BMI 42.4 Minus 2.5 kg, it’s a start.

2013-01-07 172.0 kg BMI 43.0 Only 4 days to go till Gastric Bypass surgery.

2012-12-06 173.0 kg BMI 43.3
This was the last time at Novarum, they closed the gastric bypass/lap band group since another hospital took over from OLVG, to which they were connected.

2012-10-11 Family crisis, didn’t go in for weight control

2012-09-06  168.6 kg  BMI 42.2 🙂 It’s a start!

2012-08-08 169.8 kg BMI 42.5 😦  Damn, back on the same weight as 2009-01-29 !

2012-06-13 165.2 kg BMI 41.3 😦 I just found out I’m totally dehydrated, because of the insulin pump and the better blood sugar levels I gain weight in water.

2012-03-21 148.8 kg BMI 37.2
At last under 150 kilo!

2011-12-28 152.0 kg  BMI 38

2011-11-30 152.7 kg  BMI 38.2

2011-11-02 156.8 kg  BMI 39. 2

2011-10-05 Double appointment, no weight control

2011-09-07 153.3 BMI 38.3 [Yeah! at least 1.9 kg less]

2011-08-04 When in Rome eat as the Romans [very little as it turned out]

2011-07-07 I should be standing on those scales today, but alas I had another meeting. Hope the downward spiral continues, in this case downwards is good.

2011-06-09 155.2 kg BMI 38.8 This is a spiral I can get comfortable with

2011-05-12 156.3 kg BMI 39.1 Yes, I gained 6.3 kg! But… those 3.5 kg from last month had partly to do with the dehydration of 14 days ago. I don’t worry about gaining the weight, it’s just a s small setback.

2011-04-14 150.0 kg  BMI 37.5 Yay, I lost 3.5 kg! In total I’ve lost 50 kg / 110.23 lbs, only 35 kg / 77 lbs to go before they can start cutting the excess meat/skin away. [Which is also extra weight]

2011-03-10 I overslept, so no weigh in

2011-02-10 153.5 kg You gain some, but all is not lost!

2011-01-06 151.6 kg BMI 37.9  -4.6 kg  And that just during/after the holidays!

2010-12-09 156.2 kg BMI 39.1

2010-11-11 couldn’t make it

2010-10-14 158.5 kg BMI 39.6 just like a yo-yo

2010-09-16 156.7 kg BMI 39.2

2010-08-12 158.5 kg BMI 39.6 getting there eventually

2010-07-15 159.5 kg BMI 39.9 Weight down, spirits up!

2010-06-17 162.9 kg BMI 40.7 Oops, that’s going in the wrong direction! But it tasted good!!

2010-05-20  Still in Milan, not a scale in sight!

2010-04-21 155.0 kg BMI 39.0 Nothing gained, but also nothing lost!

2010-03-25  155.0 kg BMI 39.0 Boy, am I glad I stepped on my own scales just a day ahead of getting plaster on my leg. Otherwise I would have gained 2.5 kilo’s!

2010-02-25  156.5 kg BMI 39.1 nothing gained but also nothing lost!

2010-01-28  156.5 kg BMI 39.1

2009-12-23  158.0 kg BMI 39.5

2009-11-05  162.7 kg BMI 40.6

2009-09-03  162.5 kg BMI 40.6

2009-08-20  161.0 kg BMI 40.3 not enough exercise due to a broken toe

2009-08-06  160.5 kg BMI 40.0

2009-07-23  160.0 kg BMI 40.0

2009-07-02  161.4 kg BMI 40.4

2009-05-14  165.6 kg BMI 41.5

2009-05-07  164.0 kg BMI 41.1

2009-04-16  166.0 kg BMI 41.5

2009-04-02  164.6 kg BMI 41.2

2009-03-26  166.8 kg BMI 41.7  Nothing gained nothing lost…

2009-03-19  166.8 kg BMI 41.7 Like a Yo-yo, hope Í’m getting lower in the next week.

2009-03-05 168.8 kg BMI 42 Exercising would be better than sitting behind this computer.

2009-02-26 167.2 kg BMI 41.8 Nothing gained but also nothing lost!

2009-02-19 167.2 kg BMI 41.8

2009-02-05 167.8 kg BMI 42

2009-01-29 169.8 kg BMI 42.4

2009-01-22 171.0 kg BMI 42.5

2009-01-15 169.5 kg BMI 42.4 At last under my platform weight!

2009-01-08 170.4 kg BMI 42.5 Close to the target of 170 kg on 01-01.

2008-12-18 171.4 kg BMI 42.5

2008-12-08 170.8 kg BMI 42.5

2008-12-03 172.8 kg BMI 43.2

2008-11-05 173.8 kg BMI 43.2

2008-09-01 171.6 kg BMI 42.9

2008-08-04  171.8 kg BMI 42.9

2008-07-21  172.8 kg BMI 43.2

2008-05-08  172.6 kg BMI 43.2 Up-and-down like a yo-yo

2008-04-03  171.6 kg BMI 42.9 At last some weight loss, let’s hope in two weeks time I’m under 170!

2008-02-21  173.6 kg  BMI 43.2 I feel like a yo-yo, up-and-down!

2008-02-07  171.0 kg  BMI 42.8 …and you loose some more

2008-01-24  172.2 kg  BMI 43.1 You win some…

2008-01-10  171.6 kg  BMI 42.9

2008-01-03  172.2 kg  BMI 43.1  who would have thought this, I lost some weight and that during the holidays!

2007-12-13  172.6 kg  BMI 43.2  but you can loose some too!

2007-11-29  176.6 kg  BMI 44.2  and you win some more

2007-11-15  174.0 kg  BMI 43.5  you win some…

2007-11-08  170.0 kg  BMI 42.5

2007-10-25  171.0 kg  BMI 42.8

2007-10-11  173.0 kg  BMI 43.3

2007-10-04  175.2 kg  BMI 43.8

2007-09-20  177.0 kg  BMI 44.3

2007-09-06  178.4 kg  BMI 44.6

2007-08-21  178.2 kg  BMI 44.6

2007-08-06  180.0 kg  BMI 45.0

2007-07-05  185.2 kg  BMI 46.3

2007-05-29  190.8 kg  BMI 47.7

2007-05-12  192.8 kg  BMI 48.2

2007-04-26  190.0 kg  BMI 47.5

2007-03-27  195.0 kg  BMI 48.8

2007-03-12  195.0 kg  BMI 48.9

2007-02-20  195.6 kg  BMI 48.9

2007-02-12  196.6 kg  BMI 50.0

2007-02-05  199.8 kg  BMI 50.0  you win some, you loose some

2007-01-03  198.6 kg  BMI 49.7

24 thoughts on “Tippin’ my Scales…

  1. Hello Peter,

    I enjoyed Amsterdam very much, thank you again for showing us around! we enjoyed your company. It took a week for us to eat the choc’s you bought us,yum,yum! The flower’s you bought me were lovely! I think your dad will be on stand by to keep taking your trouser’s in! you are doing so well with your weight loss!
    Andrew & I enjoyed our day with you and your parents, my friends loved the photo’s of me dressed as a Dutch lady!
    I enjoyed my stay with Andrew in London, he spoilt me which was nice!
    I am now back to my dancing, my friends missed me.

    Hope your Dad & Brother enjoyed their birthday!
    Please give my best wishes to your parents.
    Take care, Pam.

    It was great finely meeting you after all these years, and it was a pleasure to show you and Andrew around town and beyond. Till we meet again!

  2. Peter,

    van harte You did it !!!!

    Onder de 170, dit moet een ongelooflijke mijlpaal voor je zijn.

    Ennuh mijn ogen zijn ook nog steeds VEEL groter dan m’n maag hoor !!!!

    Groetjes Ria

  3. Hoi Peter,

    moeten we raden vandaag ???? 🙂

    Groetjes Ria

    I was just preparing for it, as soon as I’ve seen them at Novarum I’ll update the site.

  4. Very proud of you Peter!

    Given Charcot and diabetes you have done brilliantly well. Mum told me about your forthcoming trip to the US. You will have the best time. Mum so enjoyed our time with you in Amsterdam, as did I of course. Thank you so much for your friendship these past 31 years!!

    Love you,

    Peter says: 31 years… time flies… I can still see us joking around at the Jermyn Street shops, between customers. Don’t forget Marc our ‘manager’ who works still in this street only in a different building, we’ve been friends with him also for 31 years!

  5. Dear Marc! He’s in Ghana right now. Not a good traveller so I pray he’s having a good time. Sure to be interesting.

    Peter says: He know’s how to pick his destinations 😉

  6. Hoi Peter,

    Wat heb je toch een geweldige site! En wat ben je geweldig afgevallen, gefeliciteerd.
    Hoop dat alles goed gaat met je – zo te lezen wel – dus !
    Wat hebben we elkaar lang niet gezien. Er is en hoop gebeurd. Ben niet meer zo vaak in Noord nu mijn moeder is overleden in jan. 09 maar ben zeker dat we wel een terrasje kunnen pikken op een mooie zonnige dag niet ver van nu.

  7. Hey, you’re making great progress!!! Fantastic. Keep up the great work. woohoo!! Congrats! But watch out for ’em chocolate Easter bunnies this weekend! 🙂

  8. Een mooie tijd om goede voornemens te realiseren, begin na de 1e Kerstdag, dan heb je nog wel enige reserves over!!

  9. Now that I’ve read further I realise that my earlier comment (Secret Annex) wishing you well for the surgery is way too late. Too fast off the mark, apparently.

    Impressed with your steady weight loss and I guess all I can say is keep at it. Coming from Cape Town (now living in London) I speak fluent Afrikaans so it’s also a bonus that I can understand all the dutch entries from your friends and commenters.

    Adore Amsterdam and sooo looking forward to this return trip – it’s been approx a yr since my last foray – and to revisiting some old haunts and ‘discovering’ some new gems plus there’s this really great beer I remember ….. (but cannot remember name right now, ooops).

    I say, lucky you and lucky me as we both live in two fabulous cities.
    Keep tippin’ those scales the right way.

  10. De praktijk is moeilijker dan de werkelijkheid, vooral in deze periode zijn de verleidingen erg groot.
    31 december is een mooi ijkpunt, zorg dat er nog iets afgaat, het moet je lukken !!!!
    Sterkte !

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