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TMI – Happy Birthday !

Capricorn21. Do you enjoy celebrating your birthday (forgetting about the getting older part)?
It’s a yearly occurance, its part of life. When you have done something special for humanity it can happen they even celebrate it after you’ve been dead for some time.
2. What’s your sign and is it accurate?
I’m a Capricorn, I like… reliability, professionalism, discussions, a solid base, usefulness and goals.
But I hate… wild plans, fantasies, jobs that lead nowhere, infamy, being mocked.
3. What’s your Chinese zodiac sign and is it accurate?
I’m a goat or a… capricorn / ibex, so I think that’s accurate too.
4. Do you celebrate your pet’s Birthday?
Don’t have a pet, but I do send cards to people with pets on Animal Day (October 4)
birthday-cake5. What was your best birthday?
I don’t know
6. What was your worst birthday?
I do know, but I don’t want to talk about that one.
7. What has been your best age so far?
The present one.
8. Birthday cake? Candles?
Cake yes, candles no! They wouldn’t fit on the cake anymore.

Is birthday sex expected, a present or a rarity?
It’s a rarity, never had that in all my years on this planet.
Do you get spanked?
One gets only spanked when one is naughty…

TMI – Dressed

anigif_enhanced-28985-1406130456-26WHAT COMES BETWEEN YOU AND THE REST OF THE WORLD?
1. Do you wear underwear or do you free ball? Why or why not?
I do wear underwear, it feels better that way.

2. What’s your style? Boxers, briefs, thongs, panties?
Boxer-briefs, that stretches 5 ways.

3. Colors, patterns, superheros, etc?
At the moment this style only comes in black or red, I choose the black ones with small red details. BTW the red ones have small black details.

4. If and when you’re living together, do you match or not? Is laundry a consideration?
I live alone but I took in consideration a whole pink outfit in case I washed the red boxer-briefs with the rest of my stuff.

5. Is there anything as sexy as a classic brief tan line on a bubble butt?
No there isn’t, just don’t look for me on the beach or another sunny spot to suntan. I may have colored arms and some color on my face but for the rest I’m as pale as cooked chicken.

How much of an exhibitionist are you?
Not at all, you should re-read # 5 again.

TMI – Father’s Day

Happy-Fathers-Day-June-20141. My dad’s name is Piet (pronounce as Pete)
2. He is almost 91 years old. (September 27)
3. He is as big as 176 cm or 5.8 feet.
4. He has white hair and brown eyes.
5. His favorite food is one he has prepared himself.
6. His favorite color is blue.
7. He likes to go golfing with a fellow OAP.
8. For fun he likes to play a trick on people.
9. My favorite thing to do with my dad is discuss things with him.
10. I love my dad because he is himself.

And now on to the BONUS…
1. Who’s your daddy? I’ve no idea!
2. Are you into daddies? No!
3. How do you define daddy? I’ve no idea!
4. Are you a daddy? Hell no!

TMI – Happy Pride 2014

1. Tell me about your first Pride.
Before I got sick, in 2001, I was at work during Pride weekend. It took me 5 years to get better and to visit the event, which will be held over here the last week of July with the big finale at the first weekend of August.

2. What did that first Pride mean to you?
Showing people who I was and not the man they thought I would be. It felt liberating.

3. How many different Prides have you been to?
Over these past years I’ve been to five, in the odd years I was at a convention.

4. Do you fly the Pride Flag and/or stick it to anything?
During Pride week I fly the Pride Flag from my home, I even got one on my electric wheelchair.

5. Do you still celebrate Pride? What does it mean to you now?
Yes I do, see above.

6. Does Pride need improving? If so, what changes would you make?
Depends were in the world you are. It shouldn’t matter who you love if it’s a man, a woman, or both.

7. How do you give back?
I’m team leader of our local group of Pink Codes, we organize a monthly drink for our community of GLBTQ but hetero’s are welcome too.

What kind of trouble or embarrassing moment have you had during Pride?
Being too drunk to answer that one!


confetti-red-white-blue_459_360_sMEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND
1. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance but it also signifies the “Official” start of summer. What are your plans this weekend?
What I normally do in a weekend, having coffee and a good conversation on the terrace of my favotite bar, doing my shopping on the farmers market, reading a book and that’s just Saturday.
2. What is your most and least favorite thing about summer?
Nice weather and loads of tourists in my hometown.
3. What do you think of when I say “Bar-B-Que?”
Cremated meat. Why does everyone think they know how to burn grill their meat?!
4. What is your favorite summer food?
A salad.
5. Are you is swim suit shape yet?
A swim suit?! Haven’t worn one in ages and I like to keep it that way.
6. Given the choice, which do you prefer: ocean, lake or pool?
A pool, when swimming I like to see the bottom and what swims around/under me.
7. Which summer blockbuster movie are you most looking forward to seeing?
X-Men: Days of Future Past
8. Summer reading: What? Recommendations?
‘The Kill Switch’ by James Rollins, which I just finished. A great storyteller! I started this morning with “The Lincoln Myth” (a Cotton Malone book) by Steve Berry. Here’s a synopsis: September, 1861: All is not as it seems. With these cryptic words, a shocking secret passed down from president to president comes to rest in the hands of Abraham Lincoln. And as the first bloody clashes of the Civil War unfold, Lincoln alone must decide how best to use this volatile knowledge: Save thousands of American lives? Or keep the young nation from being torn apart forever?

The present: In Utah, the fabled remains of Mormon pioneers, whose 19th century expedition across the desert met with a murderous end, have been uncovered. In Washington, D.C., the official investigation of a international entrepreneur, an elder in the Mormon church, has sparked a political battle between the White House and a powerful United States senator. In Denmark, a Justice Department agent, missing in action, has fallen into the hands of a dangerous zealot – a man driven by divine visions to make a prophet’s words reality. And in a matter of a few short hours, Cotton Malone has gone from quietly selling books at his shop in Denmark to dodging bullets in a high-speed boat chase.

All it takes is a phone call from his former boss in Washington, and suddenly the ex-agent is racing to rescue an informant carrying critical intelligence. It’s just the kind of perilous business that Malone has been trying to leave behind, ever since he retired from the Justice Department. But once he draws enemy blood, Malone is plunged into a deadly conflict – a constitutional war secretly set in motion over 200 years ago by America’s Founding Fathers.

From the streets of Copenhagen to the catacombs of Salzburg to the rugged mountains of Utah, the grim specter of the Civil War looms as a dangerous conspiracy gathers power. Malone risks life, liberty, and his greatest love in a race for the truth about Abraham Lincoln —- while the fate of the United States of America hangs in the balance.

9. Vacation Plans? If you can’t, what would you do if you could?
Not at the moment. If I could I would go to the States
10. Did you ever have to go to summer school?
No, I even think we don’t have that kind of schooltype in our country.

Sex on the beach?
All that sand in every nook and cranny… No, thank you!

TMI – Potty Humor

toilettenpapier1. Toilet Paper – over or under?
Of course over! I like an easy grip.
2. Who replaces the empty roll in your house?
Since I’m the only one in this household I do it myself.
3. What do you use if you run out of toilet paper at home?
Kleenex or kitchen paper towels.
4. Seat up or down?
5. Do you leave the door open?
6. Does your love leave it open?
Haven’t met the guy yet, but when I do I’ll inform you.
7. Do you wait until you are alone in a public restroom?
No, when I have to go I just do it. They fart too!
8. Do you always check for toilet paper first in a public stall?
I’ve learned my lesson, so YES I do.
9. What do you use if you run out of toilet paper in a public restroom?
Paper kerchiefs or if handy a piece of newspaper. (Check at home for print marks!)

Sex in a public restroom?

TMI – Make Mine A Double !

beer-wine1. Do you have a favorite alcoholic drink?
It depends on the situation, when I’m in a bar I’ll drink a beer, when I’m at a party I’ll have a glass of white wine. Between bars the white wine can be so different, while the beer has just a slight difference in taste. In between drinks I’ll order a glass of water, not all drinks go well with the meds.
2. What kind of wine do you prefer?
White wine like Chardonnay or a blush Zinfandel in summer.
3. Do you have a favorite beer?
There are so many brands to choose from, I prefer a Grolsch or if that’s not available a Heineken or Amstel. The last two are brewed around the corner, Grolsch is brewed 100 miles further to the east.
4. Can you taste the difference between vodkas?
No I can’t unless it’s flavoured with a fruit, don’t ask me that after 3 shots of the stuff then it all tastes the same.
5. Are you a top shelf or rail kinda person?
I’ll take what’s available.
6. What was your most memorable (good, bad or embarrassing) drinking experience?
Just ask my friend / former colleague Marc B. in London U.K., he says I talk to trees and lampposts, this was somewhere in 1980.
While living in Germany, 1977, I had a drink with colleagues on a Friday night on an empty stomach, while we all had to work the day after. I puked in my room, and with a ‘wooden head’ I sat with the rest of the sales staff on the fire stairs while trainees took care of the customers. BTW our manager was sitting with us on those stairs too.

Have you ever drunk dialed?
No! All the numbers that matter, including a taxi, are stored. Nowadays I drink and drive, but I never steer a vehicle when I’m drunk!