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Down Memory Lane…

imageWe’re bringing Mom home today. After she passed away on November 1, and the pain and sorrow of her loss has ebbed away a bit, it’s time to bring her home. With home we mean the southern part of Dutch Limbourgh, there’s also a Belgian and German Limbourgh.

We left Amsterdam around 9.30 this morning, my younger sister picked me up and Big Sis took in Dad. Just past Eindhoven we met each other for coffee and talked about where we would scatter her remains. We all had places in mind but the one my Dad choose would be the final resting place.

Further south we went, meanwhile remembering things that had happened on those many trips south towards Heerlen, her place of birth in 1920. About the way things had changed, the walking trips Gramps loved to make or sitting under the big oak tree looking over the valley or walking down the hill, crossing a countryroad towards Welten and its watermill. The tree is still there but now has a bench and wastepaper basket, the hill and valley is still there but the countryroad has changed in a highway and Welten can only be reached from a different direction. Not all change is good.

Then we toured the countryside towards Slenaken and Teuven which is just across the border of Belgium. Going up and down through the hills on very curvy roads, the only way to know if you’re in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany is… the lampposts. My Dad was looking for that special spot they both loved so much, her final resting place, looking out over the valleys…

That’s where we scattered her ashes, back in her beloved Limbourgh, we only don’t know if she’s on Belgian or Dutch soil. (no lampposts in the middle of the woods).

We’re staying the night in an abbey on the border of the Netherlands and Germany, and tomorrow we go down furter on Memory Lane.



A Day of National Mourning

It’s a bit odd, on one of the warmest days of the year a chill goes through a nation. The last time we had a Day of National Mourning was 52 years ago, just after the death of the Mother of the Fatherland, the late Queen Wilhelmina († 1962).

You’ve all seen the news and the impact on our small country is enormous, one way or the other we all know some of the 193 deceased, out of 18 million!

Here’s a small impression. In the coming days more remains will be flown in, they all get the same treatment as what we saw today. A long line of hearses will travel over closed off highways towards the barracks in Hilversum.


At eight tonite we keep a two-minute silence for the dead of World War 2 and the conflicts that came after that one, the day after we celebrate our liberation of the Nazi regime. Just as we do all those other days of the year when we don’t think about it, but pick the fruits of that liberation.

Let’s hope we never have a situation like that again.

Today, 50 Years Ago

Queen Wilhelmina, grandmother of our present Queen Beatrix: 31 August 1880 – 28 November 1962. Photo: Anefo

I was a wee young lad, almost 7 years old but do remember the funeral which we saw on a neighbor’s TV [December 4]. A white funeral, not because of snow but because the horses, coach and coffin were covered in white cloth and white feathers.

Just the way her mother Emma and husband Hendrik had done. All Princesses and the Queen were dressed in white too.

“Death is not the end but a start of a new life” was her motto.

see also Dutch historic people @ Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam

HRH Queen Beatrix designed together with specialists in this field a new funeral coach.

Up until now we’ve seen it three times, HRH late husband Prince Claus in October 2002, Queen Juliana March 2004 and her husband Prince Bernhard December 2004 were carried to their last resting place in the Royal Tomb in the New Church in Delft.