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Time To Say Good Bye…

After almost over 10 years of posting, it is time to say Good Bye.

I had a blast for as long as it lasted, but now my heart is no longer in it. Don’t think I’m not online anymore, I am! But it’s more in the background for other people and a Foundation we, a group of friends, founded.

I thank all the people I met, in person or online. Thanks for your friendship, personal messages and more. We’ll keep in touch.

This site will be deleted on April 2, 2017. As you can see two online friends kept me from deleting, see comments. It’s part of my life, and our lives.

Happy Birthday, Dad !

Birthday CakeI know you’re not in the mood with all that has happened these last few days, but it’s still your 90th birthday today.

In one of her clear moments last night at the ER department Mum said she didn’t get you a present, but she forgot she gave you one money can’t buy… LOVE for over 62 years.

Hope she returns home later today when the doctors have found what’s ailing her now.

See you later today, and I LOVE  you too. You’re both great parents.

Forgotten Photos

CIMG4726After downloading the photos of Amsterdam Gay Pride on Sunday I found some others on the chip as well.

<< This is the former town hall of Edam, built in 1737, now a museum, a place to get married and a tourist office.

A few weeks ago while passing through Landsmeer, a little village next to Amsterdam, I bought some home-made meals at a supermarket, they were delicious! So the next week I took the 3 mile drive again, but heard they only sold those products on Friday, and leftovers [if there were any] on Saturday. But they named their supplier as being Keurslager [butcher] Taam of Edam.

CIMG4728Of course at home I checked where they were located in Edam. And the next week my Dad, Big Sis and I visited the butcher, and filled our fridge with meals. That was 3 weeks ago.  So last Monday I went there myself. First I had myself dropped of by Connexxion, including the scooter, near the Dam in the river Ye. >>
It’s a very steep bridge with locks on both sides. It’s good there are normal bridges nearby otherwise you would never see the rest of town. Just for a day out… some shopping and enjoying the countryside.

The terrace of the Dam Hotel was tempting, but all seats were filled. So I did my meal shopping first, stacked everything in my cooler bag and then went back for coffee and a light lunch. Of course I brought a book and a newspaper, soaking up sun in the mean time. An hour-and-a-half later I was back on my way to Amsterdam, which is some 11 miles down the road.

The pictures below depicted the following sights, from the cycle path along N247 Monnickendammerjaagweg [I know you like tongue breakers!]: Driving towards Volendam. The bridge over the Zedde near Katwoude. Looking over the polders towards Amsterdam Westpoort, on the right. And at the horizon the Electricity Plant Hemweg in Westpoort.

Online GPS System

Always wanted to know where you are? Use this online GPS system, they have developed a unique, highly advanced global position locator algorithm known as “Internet Global User Exact Specific Site,” or “I-GUESS” for short.

Thanks to Roger [3rdnlong] for the link. He puts it like this: Even Better than Google Earth it helps pinpoint your location … AMAZING !!!