The sound my (on loan) mobility scooter was making lately, got worse and worse. So yesterday I called the service department and told them what was going on, and also asked if they had heard back from Social Services (WMO) about a new scooter. Of the latter they didn’t know and they would call me back. On the complain they could act swiftly, for a change, the next day.

NOT-my-burnt-mobility-scooterEarly this morning a service technician arrived, he thought he knew what was wrong with the scooter and opened it up… he noticed immediately something was wrong, very wrong. The fuse had burnt a hole through the outer skin of the battery, and the three of us, the battery, scooter and I could have gone up in smoke and burnt meat. I’m not a big fan of barbecued meat especially if its me, myself and I, or to eat. But in my mind’s eye I could see the fun of it.

Now the scooter is parked in the downstairs hallway, sans batteries. I just hope to hear from the service department soon when new batteries will be available, so I can be on my way again.

No wheels means not that I stay at home, tonight I’m going to hear the Messiah sung by the GALA choir (Gay And Lesbian Amsterdam) at Old Lutheran Church (Oude Lutherse) on Singel, and tomorrow evening my “ship comes in…” (You have to wait for that story).

Love Of Friends

crystal-heartsA few weeks ago I was contacted by a Humanitarian Caregiver who works in a OAP. One of his clients had the strong feeling of being a transgender woman, and he wanted to show himself as said woman to the world, or at least in the confines of the Old Age People’s home he lives in.

Two of my best friends are transgender women, and they both work in and for their community. The HC had met them once, but didn’t know how to connect with them, so he came to me with two requests.  The first to talk with the transgender and the people who take care of him/her, and second if my friends would like to talk during a lecture on transgender’s in one of Gay OAP homes he works in.

Because all the hectic of Gay Pride, Day of Hearts and Sail Amsterdam, it took some time to get a date fixed so the two of them could meet the client, the social worker and the staff.

Yesterday was the day it happened, they met with the staff, told them that they had to think outside the box. Becoming someone else is not a kit, but a transition. They also made arrangements so the person will be fitted out with good make-up, shoes and a wig to go with the dress he bought online.

Afterwards they dropped by at my place with small, but warm, Indonesian pancake rolls. We talked about how the meeting went, consumed the pancake rolls, drank some wine, talked about other stuff, ate dinner together (re-heating a quiche and a pie), had coffee and/or tea and before we knew it 5 hours had passed.

I hope they have a great time during their vacation in Normandy. Have a save trip!

Day of Hearts, But Also Kings & Queens

Monday it drizzled the whole day, even after my not feeling well from the day before, I just went to town to see the Hearts, Kings and Queens of Zeedijk. All photos were made by my friend Nicky de Boer, who volunteered for this event. Because of her I could have a peek in the Olav Chapel, the second oldest place of worship in the city of Amsterdam (1440-1450) now part of neighboring NH Barbizon Palace hotel.

I know most of these people, in or out of drag, but I’m not going to tell you who they are, or what they do for a living, it would astound you. This is Amsterdam after all, anything is possible!

Amsterdam Pride 2015

I didn’t take pictures this year, but the photos you’re about to see were taken by a Dutch Press Agency and a Police helicopter. Enjoy!

Just click on one for a larger format.

Almost There…

I do love the time I’ve had visiting all those Pride places, meeting new people, connecting with old friends again and networking the crowd.

Last Friday I helped a friend out at an ‘old age pensioners home’ (OAP), pumping up balloons for the big show event on Tuesday.

On Saturday I cancelled a viewing of an exhibit and a ‘baptism’ of a new magazine, due to the summer storm we had.

On Sunday the storm died down a bit but was replaced with a monsoon.

Monday came soon enough, the opening of Senior Pride at OBA (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam aka Public Library). This was held in the Theater of the Word on the seventh floor, of course afterwards we all went for a drink or two, three, fou… in the bars on Zeedijk.

Without much sleep Tuesday arrived soon afterwards… Drag-queen friends would perform at OAP, with songs from the past but also some of the present. It was a fun day out not only for those old folk but for me aswell.

Wednesday was showtime for our team of artists at the Palace of Melancholy (Paleis van de Weemoed) a small theater we use in the heart of the Red Light district. Again I didn’t sleep in bed, but fell asleep in my comfy chair while the TV was still on and the lights were burning.

Mini%2520Moet%2520Rose%252020clThursday came and another event was planned at the Palace, but this time in front of it, the stage was floating in the canal and so was the green room (which was pink btw), my workplace. I only had to keep the audience at bay. A nice security officer kept an eye on it too, from accross the road. They told him in advance I had problems with walking and running. I only met the crew last week, I felt like I fell into a hot bath, the warmth and camaraderie of the staff was great. Another night in the comfy chair was enjoyed.

Just an hour ago it was Friday, which started for me with the CockTail Party in the forecourt at Legend The Grand Hotel in the former Prinsenhof (Princes Court). At last we had dry weather, and even the sun was shining. Upon arrival we got a mini bottle of Rosé Imperial by Moët & Chandon, delicious bitterballen (small veal croquettes) but also a choice of cheeses and meats. The waiting staff included. :wink:

Several performances were planned, like Lady Felice & The Rozettes (we already have tickets for the next show) and Grand Diva Karin Bloemen who sang a song with a new text on a famous melody, many wondered if they heard her right when she sang about fucking, blow-jobs and rimming. (Yeah, you heard her right!)

My friends and I won in the raffle a big bottle of Pink Champagne by M&C and two crystal flutes, of the three of us only two drink alcohol and the date is already set when this consuming will happen. Afterwards we went to hear Ms Victory False sing at the Getto bar on Warmoesstraat, but also her special guest Pete Statham, both are communal friends of ours.

It’s already Saturday, and the main event is the Canal Parade. Our floats really float! But more of that later. There are only two days left of Amsterdam Pride 2015. I must admit, I look forward to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because I have nothing planned but a good book and sleep, lots of sleep.