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EuroPride 2016, The Party Is Almost Over…

Yesterday was the main event of EuroPride2016, our world-famous Canal Parade. I didn’t make photos, others have better equipment and a more steady hand than I do. Below you find some impressions and on Facebook you’ll find another 595+ photos…

“We Never Go Places…”

Famous words by our friend Adrie, and she ends the sentence with “We Always Stay Home!”

Just like last Saturday… It all started a little while ago, on August 3, during the opening of the photo exhibition of our friend Jan van Breda. One hall was decked out with photos of Kotomisi.  We came back on September 4 to see the expo in more detail, something we couldn’t do on opening day. We had a blast after seeing the photos again with the Surinam woman. They invited us to visit them on the groups 5 year jubilee.

This happened last Saturday. All three of us stuck out, as white as we are, but we felt like we had fallen in a warm bath, the way we were welcomed and put at ease, but also the talks, the food, drink and the music were wonderful. Below is an impression of our time at the museum, on September 4th, but also of September 26, with the headdress in copper bowls or just a plain platter, the women dancing with those said copper bowls, and NO I wasn’t dressed up as a Kotomisi but instead they asked me to dance… something I haven’t done in public for eons. Just enjoy, just as we did.

Photos by Nicky, Adrie and me. Klick on a photo and it opens in a new window.

The next day “We Never Go Places, We Always Stay Home…” was at the ‘Belly of Amsterdam’ or the Central Food Market, just to see what kind of different foods are sold around the city. Okay, we tasted some of it too. 😉

Mr DeMille – part 2

Stage-BackgroundI stayed far away from the stage last Sunday, I only stood on it before rehearsal. And almost fell off it when someone called me over near the entrance of the theater-restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, the stage is only 18 cm / 7 inches high, but the up lights where in my eyes so I couldn’t see where the stage ended and the floor began.

The theme of this Soirée Frivolette Culinette by Luna Lunettes was “Mother / whore, Maria, Madonna” And the show was filled with classic and modern songs, a recitation about Maria Magdalene, a spider charmer (who also performs with snakes, but not last Sunday) and a crooner. In the audience two people celebrated their birthday so the whole crew and the audience sang “Happy Birthday To You” for them, while the restaurant staff brought cake and prosecco to their tables.

I was sitting in the back with Pete Statham, a singer/songwriter I met several months ago. He’s a guest at Luna’s Tuesday performance at ‘t Mandje on Zeedijk. At the end of the show Luna wanted all the people who helped on stage, I refused. I’m only selling tickets and hope that after all the costs are subtracted something is left in the till.

It was a fun evening and afterwards most of the audience stayed for dinner too, a nice mix of artists and visitors. The next one is on Februari 22 and the theme will be L’Amour!

Canal Pride 2014

It’s a long post, not in text but in photos. Click the first one and you’ll see a bigger version, some have a text to explain it.

Meow !!!

I’ve heard of dog owners who start looking like their best friend, but this… cats that start to look like their masters… or are the cats the master and the owner the underling ?!


Tomorrow we have again some better behaved pets on A Dogably PAWfect Day.

Feel Good Movie – Chez Nous

chez-nous-filmLast night we, Mario and I, went to Gay Night at Pathé De Munt cinema, together with 500 other people who wanted to see Chez Nous.

Again, like two months ago, the cinema was overbooked, so another screen room was opened.

The movie takes place in Amsterdam, of course, in a gay bar with live entertainment, where due to the mismanagement of the late owner they need cash soon. A lot of cash!

They plan a heist, during the busiest weekend of the year, Gay Pride’s Canal Parade.

Our own drag queens, some of them played in the movie too, turned up in full regalia for this opening night. Mean while in Utrecht this movie premiered at the Nederlands Film Festival, and the main character Berti [Alex Klaasen] and the movie are nominated for a Pink Calf.