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Best Of Amsterdam #24 – Books for F… Lovers

Almost all the Best Of Amsterdam shops until now¬†have been about food. I don’t know how that could happen ūüėČ

So today we’re off the beaten path, at this shop you can’t eat or order food, but you can tantalize yourself with books, cookbooks from all around the world. De Kookboekenhandel¬†is next to a shop also a publisher of cookbooks.

De Kookboekhandel
Haarlemmerdijk 133
1013 KG Amsterdam

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New Series in the New Year

Sometimes a word or¬†just a hint¬†brings me to a subject, and in this case a new series. An email from ‘the dealer’ yesterday afternoon made me aware that maybe my order couldn’t be filled before Xmas. And since it just had stopped raining, the sun was breaking through the clouds, I just jumped on my scooter and drove to town.

All went well, just a flurry of snow while crossing the IJ waterway on the ferry, but as soon as I was on the other side clear skies and sunshine. He had a full house, so a number of customers just waited at the common table, talking to each other. I met a dentist with a sweet tooth, and a customer who didn’t like chocolate before, until he tasted the good stuff. And then it dawned on me, we have so many¬†specialized stores, where they still give good service, advice and take time for their customers, that they need to be mentioned.

A new series was born in my head, the Best Of Amsterdam 2012 series. Now I have to do some research. The ‘dealer’ will be in it too of course, but also the best olives, salt, apple pie* etcetera. I don’t smoke but I do know which is the best cigar store in town. So watch these pages in 2012!

*BTW, it’s not the amount you taste but the quality.

With These Temps…

With these temps we’re having it’s best to do… nothing at all. So that’s what my Easter Sunday looked like. BTW, it’s like summer came early.

If only I had a hammock it would be perfect but I had to do without. Used a mattress instead and read some more in my book.

I love historical fiction and Steve Berry‘s “The Emperor’s Tomb” is one of them. I make notes in the sideline for things I want to figure out, or know more about later while sitting behind the computer. This book is from a series in which ‘Cotton’ Malone is one of the main characters.¬†One of the first books by this author I read was The Amber Room, which is a standalone book. But before I knew it I was hooked on the others too.

Back to today, I could only read a few chapters before I fell asleep, in the shade of the tree in front of my balcony. And tomorrow… the weather will be the same, sunshine, temps around 25¬įC / 77¬įF, and Easter is still not over in the Netherlands, we always have a second day. [same¬†as Christmas and Lent].

Travel For Free

As many of you know, we Dutch have a reputation in the world when it goes from getting something for a very low price or better yet for free.

ONLY today you can travel, within the Netherlands, with the book gift, or the e-book gift, to any city, village the Dutch railroads stop at. No other ticket is necessary.

Now I’m wondering how many will complain, also a Dutch invention, why the train is late or doesn’t stop at a certain station! The latter has to do because it’s a Sunday. The first no-one knows, not even Dutch Railroads HQ.

You should see the Netherlands, because it’s so small, as a very big city, the railroads are our bigger ‘metro’ system, with 380 stations and 4800 trains covering the country 24/7. At most of the train stations you’ll find bus stations to bring you closer to your destination. Larger cities also have a tram or metro system running.

I, on the other hand will stay at home, I do not have the need to get squeezed in a train just because you have the right free [e-]book with you as a ticket.

Written Portraits

Can you name the people shown in these four posters?

They are all Dutch authors, some are world-famous, others only world-famous in our own country.

Geschreven Portretten – Written Portraits is this year’s theme for the book week we’re having. These weeks count 10 days btw.

Also this year a free book for everyone who buys a book. Kader Abdolah is this years author of the gift. This free book reaches one in eight persons here in the Netherlands.

I Think I’ll Start On…

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It started on January 10 with a Food Quote, and resulted in a book about dieting. Or better yet anti-dieting.

The name Totie Fields didn’t ring a bell for me, I had to find out on the net who she was and what she did for a living. She was an American comedienne who was not afraid to poke fun at her own weight problems. In 1972 she published this little book “I Think I’ll Start On Monday” subtititled: The Official 8¬Ĺ oz. Mashed Potato Diet.

This is what you need to do to lose at least a pound!


And all of that for 50 dollar cent!