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Welcome-greyWelcome to my site. My name is Peter and I am a 60 year old man from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I have Diabetes II and Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease phase 2. On these pages I will take you with me on my struggle to become slimmer [and smarter in a way]. When I write this it is January 29, 2007, I hope to receive a gastric band in a few months time, and with this site I keep you up-to-date with my losing weight, my frustrations by doing so and other things. On a twice weekly basis you can check my weight in kilo’s, you have to convert them yourself to stones, lbs or whatever [see the link]. By the way, I am 2 meters tall [6’6″].

This blog is one way of dealing with those frustrations, but also a way of showing family and friends how I’m dealing with my weight-loss program. Next to that you find information on Amsterdam and the Netherlands on these pages, but also architecture, food, and other things that interest me. In the mean time the Thursday Recipe post is a returning item on these pages.

Now you will understand the double meaning for me of tippin’ the scales!

NOTE 1: On Wednesday June 20, 2007 a gastric band was placed around my stomach, my whole food intake has drastically changed, my Thursday Recipes are mend for all, just not [all the time] for me…

NOTE 2: The Thursday Recipes started as a collection for a free food magazine which was distributed in the Chicago-land area, and published by my friend who lives there.

NOTE 3: On January 11, 2013 my lapband was taken out and got replaced by a gastric bypass. So almost no stomach is left and 2 meter of intestine is gone too. Both are still in the body, since the not in use stomach produces acids which are needed to digest the food.

The gastric bypass / lapband recipes are of course enjoyable for all, just because I have to watch my nutrition, you can eat healthy too! Read also this!



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14 thoughts on “About me

  1. Glad you’re here Peter!

    We’ll be here with you through it all. Be well and don’t let any frustration keep you from your goal! The nice thing is that there is an entire world out there that goes through the same things you do, so you’ll never be alone in anything.

  2. thanks for your comments on my blog. I still finding it hard to eat the right food, and I find that I like slim fast, however I know I have to get off it soon and start to eat right, or this diet will not work.

  3. hey Peter! I couldn’t find an email link so I’m replying to your comment here. Yes, Cake Wrecks is so fun! That and LOL cats keep me smiling on days when smiles are hard to find.

    I’ve seen your comments on lots of the blogs I read. I’m glad to see you at My LIfe, and glad to have found your site.

  4. I was four hundred pounds, I have lost 150 in the past several months, working out and eating right. It was a change indeed. I didn;t get the bipass or the rubber band although my wifes cooking tastes like a rubber band. Keep working on yourself and all will fall into place and have an amsterdam good time.

  5. dear peter,
    I just want to say thank you for your super nice blog!

    I am a catalan living in the netherlands since 2005, today I have to make a presentation about the differences between dutch’s and argentinian’s in Mexico City and it really really help me your blog.
    thank you very very much,
    You will be in my credits and in my thanks,
    keep well,

  6. Hi! My therapist, Sally, actually recommended I check out your blog. I’m an American woman, living in the Netherlands (6 years now) also struggling with my weight and the mental games that go along with it. I have also thought about lapband surgery but haven’t made any final decisions yet. I look forward to having a look around and seeing what you’ve had to say. Thank you for sharing your story.


  7. He Peter,
    Your blog looks great – again! Compliments for the styling, like the van Eek look.
    Think you’re a great inspiration for many people, keep up the good work!
    Hoop dat alles goed gaat met je?!

  8. Hi Peter!
    I am a recent arrival in the Netherlands, living in Purmerend, and i am looking for a place to get my lap-band filled in Amsterdam. Where do you go for adjustments, and how much do they cost?
    Thanks in advance! You are doing a great job with your weight loss!

  9. Do you know any weight loss clinics in Amsterdam/Holland? I’m an American who moved here recently and have been having trouble finding the same support I received in America. If you have time to get in touch, I would really appreciate it – Thanks so much!

  10. Hi Peter my name is Karen Hoskinson Strickland. I saw your blog and your chocolate web site. Hope all is better for you. Take care

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