Time To Say Good Bye…

After almost over 10 years of posting, it is time to say Good Bye.

I had a blast for as long as it lasted, but now my heart is no longer in it. Don’t think I’m not online anymore, I am! But it’s more in the background for other people and a Foundation we, a group of friends, founded.

I thank all the people I met, in person or online. Thanks for your friendship, personal messages and more. We’ll keep in touch.

This site will be deleted on April 2, 2017. As you can see two online friends kept me from deleting, see comments. It’s part of my life, and our lives.

8 thoughts on “Time To Say Good Bye…

  1. Why delete your blog? It was part of your life. Your history is here. Remember the colourful shirt that was send around the world? What fun. I am sorry we did not meet when we were in Amsterdam. Everything was so up in the air and complicated and I had three other people to consider.

    I have made this same plea before to people who said they were going to delete their blog, to no avail. I enjoyed my blog contact with you Peter. Thanks.

    1. Andrew, you’re right! The blog will stay until the end of time… It was great ‘meeting’ you and your partner online, and who knows… one day…

  2. Peter, I will be the first to say I understand. Since I first started blogging (2005) I have walked away from it, also. The last time being four years. I didn’t delete it, I left it sitting there. Like a old friend it was there waiting on me when I returned. I have just returned and it does sadden my heart to know dear friend you now are choosing to step away. I know we have never met except through the crazy world of blogging and our comments, but know you will be missed. Take care and above all be safe. Enjoy your life to the fullest each day and always know if you do decide to return one day, open arms awaits.

    1. Stephen, what I just said to Andrew, I’ll keep the blog. It’s a testament of time. It’s almost 9 years of my life, our lives.

  3. I sensed you were closing shop. I am saddened to hear this. I will miss you and your postings. Please do not delete it for it is ‘you’ and a great source of thems interested in The Netherlands. Better than Fodors!

  4. Sorry to see you closing shop. I had noticed that there wasn’t a post for some time. I actually thought something was wrong. Glad to see you’ve reconsidered about deleting your blog. Recipes were always a good addition!

    1. I’m more bizzy with websites for other people and organisations. Also with the De Roze Poort Foundation we sterted. Have a look @ https://derozepoort.amsterdam there’s even a small English section. We organize Coffee Walk-ins all over Amsterdam, but also a discussion group and low cost meals for 50-plus LGBTI’s.

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