Expressive Art Forms As Architectural Inventions

Federico Babina has a knack for architectural re-imaginations, whether it be depicting designer dwellings of style-conscious superheroes, or illustrating imaginary director-designed homes. The Italian creative now returns with a new series called ‘artitecture’, which sees 10 art forms envisioned as architectural inventions and delicate mechanical devices. Like kinetic sculptures frozen in time, the compositions’ ‘gears’ bring together inherent structural components of each artistic expression.

Babina’s ‘artitecture’ series pays tribute to various classifications of creative expression like music, comics, theater and dance. In each of the compositions, elements from the art form are abstracted and interpreted as structural systems, such as the keys of a piano, a painter’s brush, or a reel of film. ‘Art is the ability to convey emotions: a personal recipe made up of study, randomness, unconscious gestures, logic and intuition, all mixed to provide the sought formula…’ Babina says ‘…an assemblage of pieces that represent the artistic forms as intuitive elements.’ See more of Babina’s architectural illustrations here.