The Party Has Started…

DSC00695-1EuroPride 2016 in Amsterdam has just started.  My first thing today was attending the opening of the photo expo of Café ‘t Mandje (the Basket) @ St Olaf’s chapel on Zeedijk. This bar is Gay friendly since 1927, when it was still a crime to be Gay. I’m a customer of the bar but also a friend of the one who made the concept for the show.

Hi, I'm Amy Huiswijn and I present to you De Roze Poort (The Pink Gate)
Hi, I’m Amy Huiswijn and I present to you De Roze Poort (The Pink Gate)

Again I met many people I know, and told them about our new project, which includes the concept-maker, and we’ve had several people who want to contribute to our project. Especially after they heard what happened. First a residential care home would pick-up the bill, but they wanted total control, but never showed up when we invited them. Now we’re doing the same thing but on a private basis, and several care homes want to join in the concept.

Later today I’ll join the Pride Walk, not walking but driving in the mobility-scooter. Just as a few years back carrying the Pink Noord banner, a local group who meets each other every two months for a drink, and make plans for other activities we could do together.


2 thoughts on “The Party Has Started…

  1. “when it was still a crime to be Gay” – WHY should being gay be a crime? it’s not a crime to be str8. I have never understood this “thinking”. and there are freaks in this country who want to return to those days.

    happy europride; ride that banner high! 🙂

    1. Anne-Marie, I, and many with me, had a great Pride Walk. I got interviewed by MVS gay station, a local internet TV station, but also saw many people I know along the route. I drove my mobility-scooter together with a friend (also in a scooter) in front of the COC banner. COC is the oldest LGBT association in the world, they’re celebration 70 years this year.

      Afterwards we both went for a drink, or two (okay three) and met many other people we both know. She’s not gay but a strong supporter of human rights.

      Tomorrow is a day of rest, on Monday there’s a symposium on elderly gays and then the hard work really start. Here’s a link to another website I do, just directed at elderly gays. The link is just EuroPride but every month has something else to do.

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