burning-candleIt’s really shocking,
if people are no longer shocked
by what happens to others,
because the disaster that affects them
is so far from their bed.

It’s really mind-boggling,
if people are no longer baffled
about the injustice in this world,
because it is the umpteenth report
they get to face.

It’s really dire
if people are not more dismayed
about wars and other violence,
because they get dulled
and find it normal.

Because as long as people are
still shocked, stunned and horrified
they will move
and they can give history
a surprising turn.

This poem by Greet Brokerhof, I’ve read in Dutch during the remembrance meeting at the residential care home I work in (a few hours a week).

There’s a quote written on a wall in the center of town, the previous wall was used as an execution place by a firing squad during the 2nd World War.

Een volk dat voor tirannen zwicht, zal meer dan lijf en goed verliezen, dan dooft het licht.
By R.M van Randwijk

Which translates in: “A nation that yields to tyrants will lose more than life and property, then the light goes out“.

Peace everyone!

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  1. We have become a jaded and cynical society. I just wrote an article about this, ‘Prince: Case Study in Safe Zones’. Firstly, no one cared enough to get him help, and now people are lining up for his estate. Just terrible.

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