JugglingBallsI haven’t written for a long time a personal note. So here I am!

Health-wise I’m doing okay, my blood sugars are reasonable well, my heart works when it’s needed (most of the time), only my brains work overtime. The last is fully my own fault, one of my specialist told me a while ago I should say more ‘NO’ to projects. And lately I’ve said too much ‘YES’.

In the mean time I do content for four websites, the last one is just in the air since last Sunday, it’s in Dutch and meant for Gay 50+ people. Together with my ‘partner in crime’ I am also busy to get a show on stage, fear not, I’m not going to sing or do an act, we have artists who can do a much better job.

EuroPride 2016 will be in July/August in Amsterdam, and I’m asked to do editorial work for the gay events which will happen in 16 retirement homes across the city. So I said YES. It brings me in contact with other groups, and maybe we can help each other.

So when this afternoon someone asked me if I could join their new project, I said no, I’m sorry I can’t do that” and explained why. I will be a sparring partner when I’m on location, but I’m not prepared to offer more free (spare) time then I already do.  On the one hand I felt sorry for them, on the other I have to take care of myself too.

Maybe you ask yourself “What about the juggling balls?” At the moment they are all in the air, I haven’t dropped them yet. The weather is nice outside so I take the electric mobility-scooter for a spin and enjoy the sunshine. I try not to think about the corrections I need to make on a flyer and the press release for the show. That will have to wait till tomorrow afternoon when I come back from the Rijksmuseum…

One thought on “Juggling

  1. sounds like you are doing well. and GOOD FOR YOU on saying the NO word; you will not maintain your health if you take on too much. and at OUR age, we need to be mindful of health.

    I think spring is finally coming to my area. we have been so cold for so long. I can tell spring is coming by my itchy eyes and sneezy nose. danke, flowers and trees and grass – NOT!

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