New Moco Museum Opens With Banksy & Warhol

The new museum of modern and contemporary art at Museumplein in Amsterdam wants to reach a broad international, but also young, audience. During their first show, which opens on April 9, more than eighty works of both artists, including the most recently exhibited 3 by 4 meters “Beanfield” Banksy in 2009. Its an important canvas which typifies Banksy as the activist artist.


This Moco Museum is an initiative of Lionel and Kim Logchies, They arer the owners of Lionel Gallery at Nieuwe Spiegelstraat in Amsterdam. For more than eighteen years this art-couple works with the art works of international art greats. From Picasso to Koons, Hirst to Basquiat. The couple gives Banksy, who has been at the top in the art world, now the unauthorized exposure he deserves.

6WarholDollarSignBy establishing the Moco Museum they can show these masterpieces that normally remain beyond the reach of the general public. For the museum many loans became available from their international network of promoters.

Moco is situated between the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. It is located in the iconic urban ‘Villa Alsberg’, designed in 1904 by architect Eduard Cuypers, nephew of the famous Pierre Cuypers, who was responsible for the design of the opposite Rijksmuseum. The restyling of the rooms was in the capable hands of Studio Piet Boon.