Pixelated Masterpieces

By looking towards minimal old-school video games and 8-bit computer graphics, Adam Lister reinvents famed artworks with a distinctly digital aesthetic. The New York based artist bridges past and present through his pixelated watercolor compositions, each modeled after a notable painting or pop culture character. Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, Hokusai’s great wave’ and Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’ are broken down to their most basic, elemental geometries, defined by color and tone.

The first drawings were rendered in pencil — an initial sketch formed by angular representations of the subject using only vertical and horizontal lines. Lister paints the resulting square and rectangular shapes in a palette that best matches the original work. Although abstract and lacking any fine detail, the compositions are realized as rigid yet recognizable reinterpretations of familiar masterpieces, but also lesser known pieces…

Try to figure out which one is which, or visit Adam Lister’s website for the answers.


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