World Landmarks Without Water

We’ve seen a number of artists confront the possible aftermath of global warming in their work, like Evgeny Kazantsev’s digital visualizations of extreme weather changes on earth, and Hula’s painted murals on melting icebergs.

Artist Joel Krebs renders an entirely opposite state of emergency by imagining a complete climate shift, where an epic drought dries up the world’s great landscapes. Krebs’ recently completed series sees ten global landmarks afflicted by a shocking shortage of water, surrounding the likes of London’s tower bridge in parched pavement and china’s great wall in a swell of sand. Similarly, the ordinarily lush green vegetation surrounding Rio de Janeiro’ Christ the Redeemer statue becomes an arid, rocky terrain, and Paris’ tree-lined streets leading to the Eiffel Tower are left barren and bare. See the disastrous effects of Krebs’ imagined drought below, and a before-and-after comparison between the wet and dry landscapes here.


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