Style-conscious Superheroes

Italian illustrator Federico Babina depicts the designer dwellings of style-conscious superheroes. Without deliberately expressing it, comic books offer a rich architectural ambiance that sets the scene for the protagonists’ story, whether it centers around a gritty, dense metropolis or an imagined, otherworldly landscape. With comics as one of the first encounters with architecture during his childhood, Federico Babina traveled through Gotham City with Batman, and New York with Superman and Spiderman — an influence which he says ‘helped the growth and education of a generation of architects.’

Today, Babina imagines the living spaces of some of the most iconic superheroes in the history of graphic novels. the 17 compositions that make up the series ‘Interheroes’ depict a cross section of each interior environment within the home, revealing a glimpse of each figure’s personal habits and habitats. The shadow of the protagonist looms within the frame — creator of the colors, shapes and design objects that make up the spaces. ‘I tried to create images in balance between playful codes of cartoon and the expressive rigor of architecture,’ Babina says. ‘It is a short architectural journey into the world of comics through the script of 17 small illustrated stories. The chairs, armchairs, lamps, walls and the paintings are in these interiors the key pieces that make up the mosaic that speaks about its host.’

I’m just wondering why the Fantastic 4 have to share one seat…

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