10 Handy Last Minute Tips


1. Preparation is everything
Make as many dishes or ingredients ready beforehand. Potatoes taste equally delicious when heated and sauce is even better when they pull though for a while. Also think carefully about the order in which the ingredients need to be prepared. Read the recipe on it, or Google it if necessary, what steps you can take in advance. Keep sauce warm in a thermos for example, so you do not need to warm up again.

2. The dishwasher is your best friend
While cooking, load the dishwasher and wash larger or fragile pieces manually. You can of course also set a family member to work.

3. Fresh drinks
You forgot to put the drinks in the refrigerator? Roll the bottle in wet paper towels and put them just now in the freezer. For a more festive way to serve wine, gin and tonic or cool fruit juice. Put some fruit in a freezer bag in the freezer and sprinkle it into the glass of the guests.

4. Peel fruits and vegetables on old newsprint
No time to lose! Peel your fruits and vegetables directly on an old newspaper, so that you can throw the peels in one movement in the trash or compost bin. Do you have an environmentally responsible ‘wurmery’ at home? You may throw in the newspaper. Of course, not too often, but the holiday season is the perfect time to make use of it.

5. No crying party with these tips
Cutting onions is often so emotional that we start them cry. These tips can help you chop those nasty balls.

6. This will avoid water boiling over
A wooden spoon that you no longer (regularly) use can still prove useful. Place it over the pot with boiling substance and it will help avoid that the pot boils over.

7. Avoid clogging of the drains
Don’t pour any fat from the turkey or roast in the drain. It can solidify and block the outlet. A very unpleasant surprise when your next try to wash it off. Keep rather an empty container ready where you can pour in the fat. If all the fat is in the package, wait until it has solidified and throw it in the garbage. Good riddance.

8. Grated cheese
You need a huge amount of grated semi-soft cheese? Freeze the right amount and use this piece to grate. It will go much faster.

9. Ice cream for dessert?
Store ice cream in a freezer-bag. That way it is easier to scoop!.

10. Last but not least
Keep calm and have fun. Pour a glass of wine while cooking or taste already some of your favorite snacks. It’s not a disaster if something goes wrong and it’s not a shame to ask for help. Enjoy the party!

5 thoughts on “10 Handy Last Minute Tips

    1. I have to thank you, my dear. Not only for the friendship but also the wise words and down to earth comments. Love you Anne Marie!

    1. I did Anne Marie, people arrived at 11 for coffee and cake and some left almost 2 hours AFTER I normally would stop coffee and take a nap. It was a full house, ran almost out of seats, and we finished with several glasses of prosecco. On social media I received over 80 birthday wishes.

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