Christmas Party

I had a great time during the Christmas Party of Luna Lunettes crew and guests of Siorée Frivolettes Culinettes at Martine’s home base, the farm just outside of Amsterdam. We celebrated the past year in the barn, just outside the sliding doors the cows were standing and the chickens were rummaging to find something to eat. Everyone brought something to eat or drink, and knowing our crew we had enough to drink!

251574Next to SFC we also celebrated the X-mas Extravaganza, that a part of the crew is to show next week, during a Pink drink in the eastern part of the city. We’re part of a “family”, a bunch of friends who work together, party together, but also do cultural things together.

Pictures of todays event will appear later, I didn’t brought my camera. But one thing is for sure… a large amount of white powder was available to all… this is Amsterdam after all! Icing sugar to cover the pancakes and Weihnachts-stollen.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Party

  1. oh, thank the dogs and cats it’s not that OTHER white powder! ummmmm, stollen…

    I consider my office mates my “work family”; I do spend 40 hrs/week with them. my online knitting friends constitute a second “art family”. then my blog boyfriends are my third “friends family”. spouse and cats are my “home base”. as sassybear has said, family is who YOU choose.

    LOVE the holiday background!

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