New Wheels…

breeze-s3It took some time, and two, on loan mobility scooters, but finally after almost 3.5 months my new wheels have arrived. And they even look better than I was used to. An extra wide seat, plus lockable shopping box in the back. A shrill emergency sound  as a hooter, and extra mileage due to a larger battery.

I only have to get the seat a bit higher and get another klaxon for scaring tourists who walk on the road instead of the pedestrian path. Which happens all over town especially in the center of town, while they gawk at the houses along the canals, or are more interested in their social media on their mobile phones.

5 thoughts on “New Wheels…

  1. it’s pretty! now put some racing stripes on it…

    just curious, but under your healthcare system, did you have to pay for this equipment or not? something like this is not covered over here; the customer pays from his/her own pocket.

    1. Alas, I can’t put stripes on it, it’s on loan.

      The mobility scooter is paid for by social services of Amsterdam, I on the other hand pay a small monthly fee (70 euro) for the use of it. I saw how much it would cost to buy one, 5,600 euro, that’s approx 6,000 dollar. The city pays the insurance too, but of course that is included in the 70 euro. I’m still part of the old system.

      In the new system, which started on January 1, 2015, I would have to pay the full amount myself, no support from social services, unless you can’t pay for it yourself.

      So, it’s not paid for by healthcare insurance. Medicin, hospitalisation, using an ambulance, seeing doctors, specialists, and made-to-measure shoes are included in the healthcare insurance. Even when you pay a bit more, a dentist or new glasses.

  2. For your klaxon (a word I had to look up), maybe you can record your own; as you approach, “HEY YOU, GET OUT OF THE %@#$ WAY OR I’LL KNOCK YOU INTO THE CANAL!” Then as you pass them by, a little music and “Thank you, have a nice day.”

    We’re so polite here in the Midwest.

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