My Ship Has Come In…

MS-HEELS4FUNFor a change I was this evening not part of the audience, but part of the crew. The “Heels4Fun” ladies went on their maiden voyage, on their own Love Boat (or Love Boot as it’s called in Dutch). The MS Heels-4-Fun left port at 8 PM with 85 paying guests on board.

They all came to see the latest show by Amy Huiswijn, DonnaTella Vergatsie, Rachel BeauJolie and Charité La Bustier. To give everyone a taste of a cruise ship the staff of the bar walked around in sailor outfits. I was helped by Nicky de Boer, as a hostess on this wonderful ship, while I, as Financial Director, was also dressed up as one of the crew.

While the bar staff tried to break some ice, a little to loudly, screams were heard of: “We’re sinking! We hit an iceberg!”

The cast who mostly lip-sing, sang all life this evening. Below some photos from the show. Most are by me, some are by Edward Gubbels (who sat in a better location). Just click on a photo and it opens in a new window,

If you’re in Amsterdam on November 22, we do a matinée performance, the tickets go on sale Monday October 12. Tickets only € 12,50 pp for a once in a lifetime experience!

4 thoughts on “My Ship Has Come In…

    1. It was really fun. The reviews I’ve seen on social media say the same. Hope the 22nd will be sold out in a jiffy, so they can plan a third performance.
      All the work, like lights and music, but also hair, a singing coach, box office is done by friends, just to keep the costs as low as possible.

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