Shoppin’ in Grunn…

11913878_945269525546906_4192578642930807030_nI ordered a shirt using Facebook, on August 20. They said they would keep it for me when I turned up. Witch will be tomorrow btw, something I told them in advance  In that same city my Big Sis lives, something she doesn’t know, yet. (My visit, not the town) Knowing her she reads this when I’m in town. I did my shopping, some of it online, but before I try it I want to fit it.

My normal supplier in Amsterdam doesn’t go for “outlandish” produce. and Köln in Germany is too far  away. Of course there are other suppliers for over-sized  fashion but ‘Grunn’ as the locals call it is close enough. Other people call it Groningen, the  capital of the same province.

After visited this shop earlier this year, with Luna Lunettes,  I was swarmed by the staff. They knew what I liked and brought the right produce. Something to keep in mind with a new season coming up.

Okay, this time I have to do it without the guidance of Luna, but I can see her in the back of my mind… Be Your Self!!! (*Something I have to remind of herself too…” Maybe that’s why were a great team too!)

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