A Night Out…

Cique-Stilletto-3And for a change not to a bar!

I had some money left over on the Podium Gift Card (theater voucher) I got as a  Thank-you/Good-bye-gift from the Guild. Together with a friend I went to see “Wim Sonneveld in De La Mar” in the apt named Wim Sonneveld Hall of the Delamar theater earlier this year. Two tickets for the price of one. We both had a great time and sitting in row 8 was a thing to remember. (Lots of leg room, especially when you’re 2 meters tall (6’6″).

Last night I saw Cirque Stiletto 3 in the same Sonneveld Hall, row 8 seat 13. What a great show! Circus without the animals, but with clowns, a ballet, a drag queen who sang opera live, jugglers from Africa, but also the Russian winners of the Monte Carlo Circus contest, and an orchestra named The Wëreldbänd. They are six musical phenomena which jointly play more than fifty whopping instruments.  In the previous Cirque Stiletto they reaped all praise. A comical, musical antics global group, who are super energetic, a spectacle production at the highest level. And of course Dutch sweetheart Karin Bloemen as ringmaster. 

I booked myself an intermezzo drink/snack and a seat in the foyer. That way I didn’t have to wait in line to get served, and had a seat waiting for me when others looked to get a place to sit or stand around. Just another thing to keep in mind for a next time.

If you haven’t figured it out by now… I loved it!

Next stop, Polanen Theater on October 10. The Love Boot or in English The Love Boat, which is sold out by the way. As part of the ‘crew’ I’ll do the box-office. For the November 22 there are still some tickets available.

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