One Thing Leads…

Een-beetje-Suriname-in-Museum-Jan-van-der-TogtA phone call yesterday afternoon, if I wanted to see the exhibition of photos, by our friend Jan van Breda, again. We saw them during the opening of the expo of course, but during the week its far more quieter in the museum. I was picked up by Nicky & Adrie at 2, and through the pouring rain we drove to Museum Jan van der Togt in Amstelveen.

We were welcomed by Kotomisi, creole women from Surinam in their colorful outfits. leftovers from colonial /slave times.  One of the subjects of the exposition, eight of them were photographed with their Kopro Beki, on top of their angisa (headscarf) the large copper baskets filled with colorful cloths, starched and then folded, each with their own meaning since they were not allowed to speak to each other while the slave owner was around.

We got to talk with the ladies and were invited to see them soon, September 26 at Muiderkerk in Amsterdam, for their presentation of more Kopro Beki and the story and hidden meanings behind the dress. While the women sat down for a cup of coffee/tea, in the same space as their photos hung. We walked past the photos, talked to Jan who was present and got coffee served by the museum director.

kotomisiIn between I looked again at the glass collection on show, the craft of how people can make those wonderful creations from silica and sand is beyond me. Also on an other level they had windmobiles, indoors but also outdoors (we stayed inside a monsoon was coming down).

When we returned to the first floor, wine, beer, grape and orange juice was served. Together with the Kotomisi and other guests at the museum, we drank and talked. Even a bride and groom walked in for a photo shoot, because of all the rain it wasn’t doable outside.  The director loves to cook and he made small snacks to go with the drinks. As you can think, at the end of our visit it wasn’t that quiet any more… because of all the laughter.

So in a few weeks time we’re going to see the Kotomisi again, and maybe they turn me in one too… dress wise, that is.

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