Love Of Friends

crystal-heartsA few weeks ago I was contacted by a Humanitarian Caregiver who works in a OAP. One of his clients had the strong feeling of being a transgender woman, and he wanted to show himself as said woman to the world, or at least in the confines of the Old Age People’s home he lives in.

Two of my best friends are transgender women, and they both work in and for their community. The HC had met them once, but didn’t know how to connect with them, so he came to me with two requests.  The first to talk with the transgender and the people who take care of him/her, and second if my friends would like to talk during a lecture on transgender’s in one of Gay OAP homes he works in.

Because all the hectic of Gay Pride, Day of Hearts and Sail Amsterdam, it took some time to get a date fixed so the two of them could meet the client, the social worker and the staff.

Yesterday was the day it happened, they met with the staff, told them that they had to think outside the box. Becoming someone else is not a kit, but a transition. They also made arrangements so the person will be fitted out with good make-up, shoes and a wig to go with the dress he bought online.

Afterwards they dropped by at my place with small, but warm, Indonesian pancake rolls. We talked about how the meeting went, consumed the pancake rolls, drank some wine, talked about other stuff, ate dinner together (re-heating a quiche and a pie), had coffee and/or tea and before we knew it 5 hours had passed.

I hope they have a great time during their vacation in Normandy. Have a save trip!

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