The Greatest Nautical Spectacle In The World

This is SAIL Amsterdam, the world’s greatest nautical spectacle, taking place every 5 years in the Netherlands capital, Amsterdam and dating back from 1975, it has grown exponentially as the largest public event in the Netherlands, and the largest free nautical event on the planet.

Once every 5 years, roughly 600 ships navigate along the North Sea Canal before mooring around Ijhaven in Amsterdam. This 9th edition of the event takes place from August 19th to the 23rd, 2015.

From historic Tall ships, to modern ships, and dutch vessels from all over the world, this event is magnificent for sail/ship fans all over the world. Tall ships are the world’s largest sailing ships that exist, you can have a look at which iconic ships are showcasing on the official SAIL website

The following photos are from yesterdays Sail-In Parade, and were made by several Dutch Press Agencys and the public, but not me. I haven’t seen anything ‘live’ yet. It’s hard to get near in a mobility scooter.

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  1. 22 different nations, of which Australia is the furthest away. Their ship the ‘Young Endeavour’ left its home port Sydney before Christmas last year to get here in time for SAIL 2015.

    There’s an American/Netherlands vessel the Half Moon (Halve Maen)

    The Half Moon is a full scale replica of the original Dutch ship of exploration sailed by Henry Hudson for the Dutch East India Company in 1609. The original Half Moon was the first European ship to document entry into what we now call the Delaware Bay and River, and to explore the Hudson River to its navigable limits.

    The New Netherland Museum is the non-profit, educational institution that owns and operates the Half Moon as a traveling museum dedicated to public education about life in New Netherland during the 17th century.

    Visitors to the Half Moon step into a full-scale time machine. Once aboard the ship, the visitor sees and feels the experience of life aboard ship 400 years ago. The ship accurately reflects the colors and designs of the Dutch East India Company ships from the early 17th century, and crew members are often dressed in clothing typical of sailors from this period.

    The Half Moon is fully operational, and has sailed as far as Lake Michigan and south to North Carolina. Most of its time is spent operating in the historic waters of New Netherland, with extensive operations on the Hudson River and extending outward to the Delaware River and Bay and to the Connecticut River.

    Its home port for the next 5 years will be Hoorn, the same port the original vessel, with Henry Hudson onboard, used before they set sail to find a new way to China.

  2. As with the last Sail, enjoyed it immensely, but also glad it lasts only four days!!! Attendance estimates are at 2.3million visitors…..and I think they all went by our front door 🙂

    I highly recommend a visit to Amsterdam for 2020 and the next Sail!!!

    1. 2025 will be even bigger, the city will celebrate its 750th birthday. Sail and similar events around the world started in 1975 when we had our 700th anniversary.

      But before that let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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