Day of Hearts, But Also Kings & Queens

Monday it drizzled the whole day, even after my not feeling well from the day before, I just went to town to see the Hearts, Kings and Queens of Zeedijk. All photos were made by my friend Nicky de Boer, who volunteered for this event. Because of her I could have a peek in the Olav Chapel, the second oldest place of worship in the city of Amsterdam (1440-1450) now part of neighboring NH Barbizon Palace hotel.

I know most of these people, in or out of drag, but I’m not going to tell you who they are, or what they do for a living, it would astound you. This is Amsterdam after all, anything is possible!

One thought on “Day of Hearts, But Also Kings & Queens

  1. I will venture a guess and say these people are doctors, lawyers, judges, police officers, nurses, teachers, engineers, computer geeks.

    looks like fun; and that guy in the long electric green gown – FABU!

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