Daily Archives: August 16, 2015

Days of Hearts 2015

After a stop of two years, due to too many visitors* on this small street, the Days of Hearts are back on Zeedijk. They changed nothing to the concept they only changed the date. Normally on Saturday it would be a street brunch for people who live and work on this street and then in the afternoon Opera-am. This is a play on words, raam in Dutch means the window. And the opera singers sing from them. On Sunday the ‘Heart of Zeedijk’ would chosen, the ‘Heart’ can be a man dressed as a woman or woman dressed up like a man. This year, Sunday was for the singers and Monday will be for the Hearts. Monday is also the day everyone has to go back to school or work after the summer holidays.

*Two years ago the estimate was 35,000 people on this small street.