Up North(ish)

I did went up north, via the village of Zunderdorp, past the organic ice-cream shop (and NO, I didn’t stop there) and somewhere on the route I took a wrong turn. When you cycle or scooter through Waterland taking a wrong turn is never wrong, eventually you get to Zuiderwoude or in my case Broek in Waterland. After a cup of coffee I turned right towards Zuiderwoude and later reached the outskirts of Monnickendam.

First I drove through Hemmeland, a recreation park with small beaches and parts where dogs can roam freely. Later on I drove towards the harbour and past de Koperen Vis, since on the other side of the harbor there was a market were they sold smoked eel (not my cup of tea), but also freshly cooked mussels. That’s more like it!


After lunch I drove back the short route to Broek, and the long route to Amsterdam along the Broekervaart. Closer to the city I noticed I wasn’t driving as fast anymore, I was running out of ‘juice’. I had to make a decision do I go left and drive up two slopes, or do I go straight on and handle a steep bridge. I choose for the latter, but almost didn’t make it. I returned home on the last vapors, if you can call electricity that. Now I hope the batteries are full again so I can visit the ‘south’ and have a drink at my local.

Photo above is the tranquil village of Broek in Waterland along Havenrak, to the left and straight on is Broekervaart.



One thought on “Up North(ish)

  1. Je kunt je haast niet voorstellen dat het prachtige gebied van het Waterland zo dicht tegen de Stad aanligt. Er zijn zoveel mooie plekken waar je terecht kunt als je de drukte van de stad even wilt ontvluchten. Heb leuke herinneringen Peter aan de tochtjes die we er gemaakt hebben.

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