Tick, tick, tick, tock…

tumblr_mi4xstZpvi1rfsim9o4_500I needed a rest, and a good nights sleep, after 10 days of Pride, starting last Monday. Of course something came up, and so it did on Tuesday.

Around 5 the following day my body took over, I had my fourth heart rhythm disorder within 7 days, the first 3 happened during the day and could be stopped by taking a beta-blocker.  The last one wouldn’t go away, not even after an extra blocker. So after two hours, the pills have to kick in within an hour, I called 112 (like 911), the ambulance service who arrived within 10 minutes. I had a heart rate of 150 beats per minute, like running a marathon but without moving.

Of course you get the normal questions,
Q: Do you take drugs?
A: No!
Q: Meds and which one?
A: Yes, here’s my list. I’ve always a list with me but also the data of the hospitals where they treat me.
Q: You look familiar, didn’t you work there and there?
A: Yes, I did until 14 years ago.
Q: What happened?
A: I got a bone muscle disease and they told me I would never walk again. But in the mean time I walk again without crutches and small distances. For the rest I use the mobility scooter.

A heart film was made and 15 minutes later another one, I was down to 75 bpm. Their next question was “Do you want to go to the nearest hospital”? I didn’t, they would only draw blood, kept you waiting for hours before the results would come back and send you home.

So I stayed home, slept most of the day in my comfy chair, went to bed early and had a good nights sleep. On Thursday I cleaned he livingroom, had a friend over for ‘tea’ which turned out in a cooled glass of blush wine. And went later that evening to a Pink-code meeting in another part of town.

The sun is out today, so what will I do… go to town and have a small lunch at The Grand, or driving through the country side towards Monnickendam and have lunch at De Koperen Vis (Copper Fish) near the harbor. Tomorrow you’ll know which way I went, up north or just a little south, by scooter not health! 😉

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  1. The problem is… I only get those attacks when I take a rest, not while I’m busy or am concentrated on something.

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