Photos Of Normal People…

Sunday was the last day of Pride in Amsterdam, but also the opening of a temporary photo exhibit by Jan van Breda in Museum Jan van der Togt, in the neighboring village of Amstelveen. At the same spot where now the museum is, and 40 years and 1 day ago, Jan started his first job as junior clerk at the Amstelveen Weekly, a newspaper.

DSC00282Later on he started working for Het Parool, Amsterdam’s daily newspaper, in all kinds of departments including the photography archives. Eleven years ago he started to make his own photos and created his own style.

We knew about the expo 6 months in advance, and several media wrote about it, except Het Parool. So, you can understand Jan complained about that to his friends, little did he know that on last Tuesday July 28 he would be the headline and would get several pages in the supplement.

See also other works in the video below.

The exhibit was opened by comedian/singer/actress Jenny Arean, who knew the characteristics of Jan very well, just as we know him too. Next in line was the Mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, who thanked the deputy mayor of Amstelveen for this retrospective. He also made the remark that Amsterdam celebrated this expo the day before with a party on the canal and river.

DSC00281We arrived at the same time as the artist, his husband and Jenny Arean, so we had a photo opportunity ourselves. Not as good as ‘The Master’ but good enough for us.

Left to right, Jan, Jenny and Thijs. My favorite photos are Homecoming & Amstel Hotel. The first a bit out of my price range, but it would be a good one to replace the Walasse Ting flowers I’ve had on the wall the last 35+ years.

And the other one… will fit better, money-wise. I’ve got a birthday coming up, my 60th, so why not let my family and friends chip in. It’s something different from the book vouchers I normally get.

Afterwards my friends dropped me off at home were I could change into a new shirt, hop on the mobility scooter and drive back to town for dinner. Afterwards we planned to go to a bar along the Amstel river, we never got there, we stayed on Zeedijk and met several people we hadn’t seen in ages since last night.

I’ll be back at the museum to have a better look at those photos that look like fine oil paintings, also the glass objects in an other part of the museum are a delight.

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