It Looks Like The Country…

On Wednesday, one of the few days this week when it was still dry, and not too windy, I took a trip to the country-side but still within the city limits. In our northern part of the city new houses can still be built within the circular highway (A10) but not outside of it. This part stays rural. DSC00079

This part, Landelijk-Noord (rural north) is part of Waterland. With its ditches, meadows, villages, dairy and cheese farms, sheep, horses and cows and other animals with and without wings. (Sorry no flying unicorns, only pigs :wink:) sparrowMy travels took me to one of the outskirts, a village called Holysloot, some 6 miles / 9 km from home. Okay somewhere down there I took a wrong turn, but it also gave me the opportunity to make the panorama shot above. Yes, this is Amsterdam too. Amsterdam is more than the open air museum with canals, city-palaces and small shops and museums.

My next stop was the ‘Schoolhuis’, the former local school and home of the teacher, now a restaurant. I enjoyed the sun on the terrace and the talk with other visitors while waiting for my lunch and coffee. Meanwhile frogs were singing in the ditch. I shared some crumbs with a sparrow, common in these villages but not in the city anymore. (Has to do with the type of roofs we have). Nor would a sparrow come close to a human in the city. Here it came within a foot / 30 cm, to get the crumbs.

On Friday my mailman dropped of some packages and asked me what I was doing so far from home on Wednesday, he spotted my mobility scooter outside the Schoolhuis. I’ve said it before, I live in a (large) village… everyone knows each other… uitzicht View from the terrace, by the time I finished my lunch the grass was scooped up.

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