Last Sunday, on Mothers Day, my sisters and I met at my Dad’s place. After all these months it’s still strange that Mum is not around us anymore. We still celebrated her life, her motherhood, her friendship with us kids and her partnership with my Dad. It all took coffee and a luscious strawberry cake.

Afterwards we all had to sit around the dining table, and Dad opened my Mum’s jewelry boxes. We saw the necklaces she loved and wore often, but also pieces we never saw before. Since I don’t wear pearls or other necklaces and the watches are too tiny for my wrists, I had my sisters pick what they wanted. The leftovers my Dad would try to sell to a jeweller.

He did a good deal, and from some of the money I bought two ceramic art pieces, in remembrance to Mum, and something to fight over by my sisters when I’m gone. 😉

Both can be used as vases, but that’s not the main thing. They’re a legacy to my late Mother, who also loved modern ceramic art.


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