The Details Of Art

tumblr_nmqkg7x3h41ta7etlo1_500Every Saturday, together with Volkskrant newspaper, comes a supplement magazine called ‘Sir Edmund’. The magazine is about new ideas and the latest developments in thinking, from science to art, from literature to new media.

One part of the magazine interest me most, ‘Details of Art’. One full page shows you a detail of a painting, a part you would normally not see, but the interesting story which goes with it makes you think.

There’s also a website that features these ‘details’, like the one to the right, graffiti on a pillar in the New Church of Delft, next to the tomb of William the Silent. (Gerard Houckgeest, The Tomb of William the Silent in the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft, 1651. At Maurits Huis Museum, The Hague)

Things we take for granted as a sign of our time are as old as the road to Rome.

Have a look around at above mentioned website and see paintings from another perspective.