From The Valleys To The Cities…

After the scattering of my Mom’s ashes we drove towards Aubel in French Belgium. Here we had a late lunch and we phoned the hotel we would come in later then first expected. In Kerkrade we stayed in Rolduc Abbey. Part of the abbey is a hotel and conference center, but also still a boarding school and seminary. It’s the largest abbey of its kind in the Benelux. After a short rest, I wrote the previous post on my I-pod, we went down for dinner. No-one had to drive a car so we all had a few glasses of wine with our meal. By 10.30 we were back in our rooms and ready to go to bed, or I was.

aachenerstrasseThe next morning we had breakfast at nine and by 9.30 we were on our way again. My younger sister commented on this building (photo from StreetView), because it’s a bit odd, vehicles drive on the round-about and have to go under the ‘decoration’ of the support beams. The center of the round-about is no-mans land, the building and its support is in Germany, the rest of the road is in the Netherlands. Even here the lampposts will tell you in which country you are. Down Aachener Strasse you’ll see Dutch ones on the right and German ones on the left.

water-carafWe were on our way towards Aachen, one of those places my parents loved so much to go shopping when they were in the Southern part of the country. Here you’ll still find shops where time stood still, window displays included. Dad and I had coffee at Nobis on Münster Platz, that’s just behind the Dom and former chapel of the ‘Father of Europe’, Charlemain. Meanwhile my sisters parked their cars and went shopping. My Dad got worried when we hadn’t heard from them after 20 minutes. When I said they probably were emptying the Peter Hahn outlet near the Elisenbrunnen he went to look for them. I just stayed enjoying the sun. An hour later all three came back with shopping bags. I didn’t need clothing, the ones I’ve got fit still better. 😉

But I knew around the corner of a side street is a WMF-store, so I made my purchase there, a water caraf that fits in my fridge door. Next stop before we would return to Amsterdam was ‘Gut Entenpfuhl’ a restaurant in the middle of the Aachener Forest. Over the years our parents brought us here one by one, this was the first time we came here as a family. Mom looking over our shoulders from a sunny and cloudless sky. My sisters stuck with salads for lunch, Dad and I asked for a senior portion of our meal, I just wonder how big a normal portion would be, because this smaller one was humongous! On our way back we would stop for cheap wine, which we forgot to do, and to buy ‘Limbourgh’s Gold’ or white asparagus, which sis and I did, we only have to peel them for a great meal. Just before six we were back in town, our own home, our own bed. We all had two great days, even when the circumstances were not jolly. But… that’s life!

4 thoughts on “From The Valleys To The Cities…

  1. I love the lamp post comparisons. My sister lived not far from Aachen. I loved the city, but I have a feeling it’s changed a bit since I last saw it… in 1974.

    1. It’s not just lamp posts, but road and street signs too. Places like Vaals and Kerkrade are on both sides of the border, until the Schengen Agreement there was a fence between both sides of the road.

  2. I am surprised to hear about the portion size for I thought obscene amounts of food was solely a North American problem.

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