The Day After…

11150293_368122626718574_1053545641733442304_nHaving heard Monique Krüs sing (Lucia di Lammermoor) is something totally different than hearing the composition she wrote for the youth opera ‘Anna & Zef’. Next to the invited guests several school classes were invited, it’s their age group (12 to 15) this opera is written for. Even the age difference of seventy years between someone who died in 1945 or 2015 didn’t matter, in heaven you keep your own age. (good to know)  The Dutch-Iranian soprano Lilian Farahani (24) gave a wonderful performance, so did Dutch baritone Benjamin de Wilde (20). It’s so good to hear not everyone who can sing wants to do it in a band or musical. Photo: Jan Swinkels (from Facebook)

Left to right: Conductor David Niemann, composer Monique Krüs, baritone Benjamin de Wilde, soprano Lilian Farahani.

15 minutes before the opera started the AMC hospital called, and we did the trial talk by phone. It saved me to travel to the outskirts of the South-East region of the city and I still could see and talk to my brother before he went back home after his Easter visit. No nap was taken before the final event of the day.

At eight it was Showtime!, the final Siorée Frivolette hosted by Luna Lunettes @ café ‘t Mandje on Zeedijk. With “Want Not Waist Not” in mind she distributed left over chocolate easter eggs. I’m not sure that’s a good combination with a glass of wine or beer, so I (with my chocolate addiction) stayed away from that.

It was a pity not many people turned up to see the final show, but even with a small audience we had a great night out, or was it because we all know each other that well? Okay, I could catch the last ferry home and fell asleep in front of the telly, waking up at six. Next stop the shower and after being dressed a trip to the supermarket to get some milk and other stuff. I have a lunch meeting with Luna.