Gone… Just Like That…

colorful-crossThe internet is a place with many possibilities, something we take for granted, but sometimes it’s strange too.

I was just notified, via a personal message on Facebook, that blogger-friend Wayne Juneau, from On Transmigration, passed away last night after a year long struggle with a blood disease. His former employer at ‘Dos Locos’ in Rehoboth DE send me the message, so I know it’s not a hoax.

Wayne, and his wise words, but also his independent stance in life will be missed.

I’m sending my condolences to his loved ones, but also the friends he had in the blog-o-sphere.



3 thoughts on “Gone… Just Like That…

  1. Losing people we know via the net is something new for most people. I suppose we must get used to it. I just had a brief look at his blog. He was a brave man.

  2. peter, I did not know this. thank you for passing the word.

    the cajun is at peace, no more pain, no more transfusions. I know he has a sister as his surviving relative.

    I am glad I got to meet him and know what a nice man he was.

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