Mr DeMille – part 2

Stage-BackgroundI stayed far away from the stage last Sunday, I only stood on it before rehearsal. And almost fell off it when someone called me over near the entrance of the theater-restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, the stage is only 18 cm / 7 inches high, but the up lights where in my eyes so I couldn’t see where the stage ended and the floor began.

The theme of this Soirée Frivolette Culinette by Luna Lunettes was “Mother / whore, Maria, Madonna” And the show was filled with classic and modern songs, a recitation about Maria Magdalene, a spider charmer (who also performs with snakes, but not last Sunday) and a crooner. In the audience two people celebrated their birthday so the whole crew and the audience sang “Happy Birthday To You” for them, while the restaurant staff brought cake and prosecco to their tables.

I was sitting in the back with Pete Statham, a singer/songwriter I met several months ago. He’s a guest at Luna’s Tuesday performance at ‘t Mandje on Zeedijk. At the end of the show Luna wanted all the people who helped on stage, I refused. I’m only selling tickets and hope that after all the costs are subtracted something is left in the till.

It was a fun evening and afterwards most of the audience stayed for dinner too, a nice mix of artists and visitors. The next one is on Februari 22 and the theme will be L’Amour!

One thought on “Mr DeMille – part 2

  1. poo, no one got to see you clog! 😦

    I stood on an empty stage in an empty auditorium in college once. I sang the opening lines to “I’m the greatest star” from “funny girl”. no one heard me, which was just fine by me.

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