We went to see an early morning movie at the Pathé Munt Cinema. I still had two tickets I won in a BankGiro-Lottery and their expiration date was coming up fast. I only needed one extra pair of 3-D glasses for Mario.
We left from home at 10.15 with still an hour to spare. We arrived just before 11 at the cinema in the centre of town. Here we heard the projection times had changed, we had another 45 minutes to kill. The coffee bar in the theater is not the best choice so we walked back along Singel to Studio 2, where they serve their own blend of coffee.

Our seats in the back row didn’t have enough leg space so we took seats in a different part of the theater, it wasn’t sold out. The start of Exodus – Kings & Gods is slow, but after 15 minutes the speed picks up. I had the feeling if I was watching some Cecil B. DeMille biblical movie, only in 3-D, you know the ones from the mid fifties to the mid sixties of the last century. Like ‘The Robe, Cleopatra, Kings of Kings and Ben Hur’.

I did like the movie, especially the action scenes, the plagues and the destruction of Pharoah’s army in the Red Sea. I’m not going to tell you how the sea split, but it looked a bit far fetched. But it’s a story so you can go in many directions.

After the cinema we went back to Studio 2, Mario for a much-needed coffee and I for something fuller bodied… snert with a slice of rye bread and katenspek (smoked speck). On our way homewards we stopped at a friends store, Gays & Gadgets, where we had a cup of tea before we made it back up north.

A well spend day. What ever next will tomorrow bring…?!

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