One Door Closes And Another Is Already Ajar

Stage-BackgroundAfter I gave my notice mid October to the Guild, I was a bit unnerved. What to do with the extra time I would have on my hands?! I said I would fill it by sleeping-in, reading the newspaper while drinking coffee, but that would be nice for a few days. I almost made the mistake of going back, wanted to say I didn’t mean it… but after I got the cold shoulder and the reaction of the Board I knew I made the right decision. After 12 years in different functions I had enough.

Mid november I went to see a show by one of my fellow board members of Pink Noord*. One thing led to another and by the end of the month we were talking to the owners of the dinner-theater for a long-term relationship. So for the coming months, on every third Sunday of that month, we try to fill the place with diners (the food is excellent) and give them a show with a theme. The enthusiasm of Luna is sometimes over the top and then I’ll jump in to bring her back down to earth. I wont be on stage, I can’t keep a note, but I’ll be helping in the background, welcoming guests, keeping the finances in order.

*Pink Noord is a neighborhood initiative for and by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and anyone who cares for the gay community in the northern part of Amsterdam.

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    1. Not really of the streets Andrew… the theater is in the Red Light district (the quiet part) and our favorite bars are just around the corner on Zeedijk.

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