Song Of A Wanderer

BOI-Song-of-a-Wanderer-Anne-Marie-BorsboomNext year a documentary will have its official premiere and will then hit the screens in theaters around the globe. Last night we had a semi private viewing in the EYE Film Institute here in Amsterdam. The title of the movie: Boi – song of a wanderer

Boi was originally aimed to relate the living conditions of individuals in countries where political and religion issues hamper everyday life. But Boi became the story of an inner struggle, a quest for who one really is. Boi is the story of a girl who wanted to be boy. Boi keeps tracks of Nitzan’s life and body changes, following her through her journey all over the world. But most important it shows us the surprisingly beautiful direction uncertain steps can take. Nitzan unveils who she really is: an amazingly attractive and vigorous young man.

It took eleven years in the making, the movie starts in 2003, and the transition goes slowly just as real life, it’s not a decision made easily but something that literally has to grow.

The presentation was in the capable hands of Luna Lunettes and Merel Moistra. After the movie there was a Q&A of course and during the drink at the café Merel performed several of her songs. The one I liked best is “Geboortekaartje” (birth announcement) in which it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl as long as you are YOU!