24 Hours

CIMG6179I just arrived home from the ER department. My day started so good 24 hours ago and ended in agony.

I woke up at seven, taking my time to have breakfast and coffee since I hadn’t planned to go to the farmers market today but to a photo exhibition instead. Friend Ger and I planned it a week and a half earlier, but due to Mom’s death and he losing his voice we skipped it till Saturday. Ger would come over around noon and as soon as he arrived I booked a taxi to bring us to the province capital, Haarlem. In the middle of the largest shopping street is a gate which leads to a former clandestine church, in the corridor leading to the church is now a photo gallery. In protestant Holland after the reformation of 1519, other religions were not allowed. So clandestine churches popped up, hidden in private dwellings, or purpose build accommodations like this Mennonite chapel from 1683 in Dutch classicist style, hidden from direct sight by the patrician houses around it.

CIMG6178We arrived just before 3 PM and had most of the gallery to ourselves. Photographer Jan van Breda is a master with light or the lack of it. The series of 14 Amsterdam drag queens, all wearing the same fake fur blanket and silver gloves, against a white background was a delight to see. And no Photoshop in sight! Next to the drag queens there was also an expo of well-known Dutch public figures, almost all of them against a dark background which was a good combination with the brighter ones across.

Just after five we were back on our way to Amsterdam. Ger had to pick up a spare key so he could enter his home in the center of town, and I had an easy dinner, whole wheat bread with cheese. Later that evening we would meet each other again at our local where three of the fourteen would perform. And still everything was alright.

I arrived home around 1 AM, ate a slice of bread and somewhere I must have dozed off. At 3.30 I woke up, a heart rate as if I was running a marathon, chest pain and sore jaws. All the tricks to get the heart rhythm back to normal didn’t work, so I called 112 (911) and an ambulance brought me to the nearest hospital. Here they checked all the things they needed to know. And at 6.30 I was released and could take a taxi back home. Going to bed now has no function since I’ve got to be at Dad’s place around 10. I think it’s time for a cup of coffee.

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  1. Do these episodes happen frequently? Was there any information on the possible cause? As I continue to heal, I find similar episodes happening to me with no rhyme or reason. Scary, that. Take care my friend.

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