She’s gone… R.I.P. Mom

ma-juli-2014This afternoon my mother died at the age of 94. She had a wonderful life, a loving husband and four great kids, two sons-in-law and 3 grandkids.

Last night while going to bed she fell and broke her hip. The staff at the assisted living home phoned my Dad immediately and he phoned me so we could get to her together. I phoned my sisters, one at home in Groningen the other for a long weekend near Almelo, in the east of the country. I would keep them posted if some would turn out wrong.

My Dad and I only went home after the doctor gave her pain relief. Both my parents signed a document in which they stated if something happened to them they wouldn’t want hospitalization or other forms of life stretching treatment. i stayed the night at my Dad’s place.

This morning we had breakfast together, read the newspapers and around noon I left him. He phoned me at one, the GP thought it was necessary we would come to the home, which we did. In the mean time I phoned my sisters that they needed to come to Amsterdam. Luckely she recognised my Dad and gave him a kiss, I arrived half an hour later, she recognized me too. At 14:40 she blew out her last breath.

Both Dad and I agreed this was the best for her. Of course it’s the end of 64 years togetherness for my parents, 62 years of married life.

I phoned my sisters with the bad news, both were almost an hour away from Amsterdam. And I phoned the staff of the assisted living for my brother. They will tell him, later today, she died in her sleep. I know it’s a lie for good, but people with Down syndrome are very sensitive to bad news.

6 thoughts on “She’s gone… R.I.P. Mom

  1. My heartfelt condolences Peter. It’s some consolation you were able to share some time with her at the end. I’m very proud to have known her. Much love to you and your Dad. Thinking of you both at this difficult and sad time.

  2. Peter, I am sorry for your loss. Feel what you feel, and take care of those it’s hardest for, especially your Dad and brother. You all did your best for her, and that is a help.

  3. I too am sorry about the loss of Mother. I am glad to see you surrounded by family and friends (and bloggers) all a-thinking of you.

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