Fall of the Wall

8,000 glowing balloons trace the Berlin wall to mark 25 years since its fall.

From november 7th to 9th 2014, the inner city of Berlin will be temporarily divided by a light installation featuring 8,000 glowing white balloons, commemorating the 25th anniversary since the fall of the wall. ‘LICHTGRENZE‘ (border of light), will trace an approximately 15 km long segment of the former course of the wall that once separated the city in two. Developed by bauderfilm and WHITEvoid, the luminous installation evokes the candle-bearing demonstrators throughout the GDR to emphasize their peaceful intentions, and acts as a visually powerful symbol for the magnitude the wall spanned and its bearing over inhabitants. The course of the aerial spheres will run from Bornholmer Strasse to the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate, past Potsdamer Platz and Checkpoint Charlie, through Kreuzberg to the east side gallery and Oberbaumbrücke.

2 thoughts on “Fall of the Wall

  1. Sometimes when I feel despair ‘life won’t improve’ The Berlin wall (and its demise) comes to mind for comfort and hope.

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