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234I took a big hurdle, for myself, last Monday evening. I quit my job as webmaster and media person for the Guild, starting from January 1.

The total disinterest from the Guild members for the work done at and for the site made the decision in the end easier. A twelve-year era comes to an end. Okay I, and a team, had great plans for an International convention in 2018 here in Amsterdam. It was harder for me to tell the team then it was to tell the Board.

In my letter to the board I reminded them that I won’t be available for extra time so they can find someone who takes over my responsibilities. I was between 2004 and october 2008 also their administrative secretary. I resigned for that job on June 1, 2007 effective January 1st, at the end of september 2008 a replacement was finally found, she got 3.5 times more salary and they paid her income taxes.

In a way I’m looking forward to some time off, time to paint a canvas or two, three… read all those books I’ve got stored on my Kindle… those kind of things.

The Board wanted to know if I would be present at their next convention day on November 22, and my answer was NO! I’ll drop off the charters and certificates they need a few weeks in advance. That’s it!

And now they have a problem… my colleague shocked me and the board when she told mid April she would be leaving within a year’s time. Ever since April this year she hasn’t really worked on the website. Or maybe it feels like that to me.

That’s life!


2 thoughts on “End of…

  1. I’m sure you tought this very carefully, especially after all the work you put into the site. Sometimes these situations occur because we unconsciously get stuck in a place where we are not growing anymore but we can’t seem to see it. It’s as if we need a slap on the face to wake up and realize that we are worth much more than the way we are treated.

    Enjoy the transition and with your skills and experience, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect place to express your creativity.

    Best of luck 😉

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