Close-up on a washing machine with clean colorful clothesGetting of the ship wasn’t a problem, finding Dad’s suitcase was. His smaller one we had in a jiffy, the larger one was a problem, or he made a problem out of it. It couldn’t be found… he was looking at black ones but in the end it turned out he brought a navy one with him.

My sister and brother-in-law picked us up at the terminal and brought us home. Two days before embarking the cruise staff told us not to put passports and other important stuff you would need in your luggage. I had my cellphone on me, my passport, but where were my damn house keys! In the luggage of course.

Thankfully I have good neighbors who took care of my mail and have a spare key, so I phoned them in advance. Meanwhile my shirts are in the washer, I’ve done some reading for work and posted an article. Next I’ll need to do some shopping, something for lunch and dinner. Back to the old life where you have to take care of yourself and not have waiters around you.

If you would ask me now “would you do it again?”, my answer would be NO! But maybe in the future with an American company… who knows.

When I closed the iPad last night I just had 34 seconds left on satellite time, so I used it to the fullest.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I would like to hear more on why you would not do the same again but perhaps with an American company? Nevertheless, I have enjoyed reading about your travels.

    1. During the trip I talked to other people who went on cruises with American companies, like HAL, Princess and others. They told me those are more quiet. This was an Italian one. Ever seen an Italian show on TV? They don’t talk normal, they shout all the time, their version of being (made/forced) enthousaistic. On board the ship it was like that too. Not only during dancing lessons, aerobics or kids play (near the pool) but in the shows in the theater too. Not my cup of tea.

      We only went to the top deck when there wasn’t such a thing going on, or when half the ship was on a tour towards the cities & countryside. Forced happiness is not good happiness, we were happy when they went off ship.

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