Day 7 – Good Bye Bilbao

We’re on our way again. We arrived early this morning in Cexto, the port town of Bilbao. After breakfast Dad and I took a taxi to the Guggenheim Museum in town. The taxi driver told us the whole area was once an industrial complex, smack in the middle of town, after the decline the factories were demolished and with support of the city and county a new destination was found… culture.

The building by Frank O’ Gerhy looks a bit out-of-place in these surroundings, on one side of the river you still have the wharf buildings, the museum in the middle and the old town on the other side. Having said that, his creation is outstanding, literally flowing   like waves.

We walked the halls, saw the ‘modern’ art, which was modern in the 20’s and 30’s of the last century, but is now part of the classics. I saw a nice Picasso and my Dad a Klee, the only problem is… we don’t have enough space on our walls to hang them! 😉

After our visit we went back to the ship, had some coffee and both went to our cabins for a short nap. We both took lunch from the buffet on the top floor of the vessel. And in the mean time we’re sailing again, now towards Le Havre, the sea port of Paris. We’ll be another full day at sea, more time to read and live/nap from meal to meal.

Something went wrong with uploading the pictures, so that has to wait. Internet costs 17 euros an hour…

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