Day 6 – Another Day At Sea

imageThe comment by Anne-Mary about going to Lisbon, “and all I got was a lousy saucepan” was a good one. The pan is better than a lousy T-shirt.

We’re another day at sea, traveling from Lisbon to Bilbao. The seas are rough and walking the deck is out of the question. All the outdoor entertainment is now indoors, from bingo to line dancing and aerobics to a dull quiz.

i enjoyed myself with a lecture over the Atlantic, then lunch, maybe a nap or a quiet place to read and later tonight another show and gala dinner. Hurray! We can dress up as penguins again!

One of the things I’ve noticed is we’re living from meal to meal, 8.30 to 9 breakfast, then a good cup of coffee, or two, lunch at 13, a snack around 17.00 hours and dinner at 21.00. By eleven we’re back in bed, maybe read something, or in my case check email and post comments on Facebook, and before you know it its breakfast time again.

3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Another Day At Sea

    1. We’re on the second shift, the two service restaurants are both full. Some people prefer the buffet or pizza/grill place on the top floor. I do like to be waited on, and we haven’t had a same menu twice.

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