Day 5 – So This Must Be Lisbon…

imageI started the day early, watching from the deck while we sailed towards Lisbon. It was still a bit misty but the outlook was good.

After breakfast Dad watched the staff getting the ship to the quay while I had a decent cup of coffee. Dad is not going to town, he leaves that to me.

I got my taxi to bring me to El Corte Inglés department store, just for 4 AAA batteries. While there I got of on the floor for electric appliances, of course no batteries, they forwarded me to kids toys, one floor down. But before I went there I turned a corner… kitchen appliances!

I know my Big Sis went wild when she stepped into Williams-Sonoma, I had that feeling at ECI. Just a cast iron pan with a glass lid and silicon handles that can come off so the pan can get in the oven. Okay, and a stop at the Supermercado for some little things. I know I can buy them online but why pay the high surcharge when you’re in town.

Before lunch I was back onboard, and after the bite I’ll put my feet up and have nap.

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