Day 3 – Ouch… My Eyes Hurt !

I found this one on the net, I did not want to ask the ones on board to pose...
I found this one on the net, I did not want to ask the ones on board to pose…

After a good nights sleep, a small breakfast consisting of some warm sausages and fried bacon, but no eggs (I’m allergic to them), my Dad and I met over coffee at the bar. Today is a full day at sea, the Bay of Biscay on the one side and the Atlantic on the other.

The hurt on my eyes is the way people dress. Okay I’m overweight too, but there are better ways to dress than sagging jogging pants and too tight T-shirts.

Or what about to small and short shorts, it will look good on young ones (but cheap too), but on 70’s or 80 year old people… Yuck!

Picture in your minds eye an eighty year old woman, to much hanging skin and wearing a too small bikini…

I’m so glad I brought my Kindle, just started book 3, only twohundredandsixtytwo to go.  😉

4 thoughts on “Day 3 – Ouch… My Eyes Hurt !

  1. now you KNOW I am a big girl, but I don’t wear saggy pants/tight t-shirts/short shorts/a bikini/etc. I have respect for myself, something most other people don’t have. so they dress like slobs.

  2. Eye Bleach! I see these images far too often here at the beach. If it’s not the shriveled old witch in a too-large bikini, it’s an old man strutting his stuff in a thong! What has been seen, cannot be unseen. Have fun.

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